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Name: Kailea Asan
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Species: Betazoid
Place of Birth: Talmarine, Betazed
Hair: Chocolate Brown
Eyes: Black
Height: 5'4"
Father: Diano Asan
Mother: Stellan Asan


She is a kind loving person who is a little naive at times. She loves kids and wishes of having some someday so she can see them growing upin a better environment than the one she did. She has a lot to hide so she continuously tries to be a happy and somewhat perky person.


Was born to a seemingly regular family with an older sister and 2 older brothers. Her family also cared for her same aged cousin Cleopatra. Her siblings ran away and caused tension among the family that resulted in her father becoming an alcoholic and abusive towards Kailea when drunk. Upon her fathers sudden actions her mother could no longer support both her and Cleo so she put both girls in a foster home. Kailea spent her life from age 7 to 12 in the foster home with her cousin. At age 12 she ran away with her cousin to earth. She stayed in homes on earth until finally joining the Medical Academy at age 17 unlike her cousin whom lied to get in at 15.

Starfleet Records

Enrolled in Star Fleet Medical Training at the legitimate age of 17 and completed most of the required courses in just over a year. Was completing training on the Bonaventure but was transferred. Completed training on the Potempkin and was promoted to full Ensign then was transferred back to the Bonaventure. Is now serving on the Bonaventure.

First assignment: USS Bonaventure, Assistant Medical Officer - 1 week
Kailea was assigned to the USS Bonaventure, but was transferred upon arrival to the new USS Potempkin.
Second assignment: USS Potempkin, Commanding Medical Officer - 7 months
Kailea served as the Chief Medical Officer on the Potempkin and finished her cadet training.
Third Assignment: USS Bonaventure, Marine Medical Officer - Present
Kailea was transferred back to the Bonaventure and is currently the Marine Medic.