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Name: Jalada Axelikeo
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Hair: Dark brown, usually scruffy
Eyes: Deep black
Height: Rather tall

Physical Description:

Dark Brown hair that is usually scruffy. Deep black eyes. Rather tall.


Jalada's Mother was Karzulum Axelikeo, and his Father was Gripe Axelikeo. Jalada was born on Earth, but yet raised on Mars from 2 years onwards, he never suffered as a child, and his family was rather well off. His Mother and Father are now still on Mars, but Jalada has always wanted to Service in Starfleet. His Father once was called in among others to help test a new starbase design, and Jalada frequently went to see him, assisting whenever possible with repairs, although probably getting in the way more than helping. From this he got a good experience with computers, and overall how a ship/starbase 'tics' after watching his Father.

Personality Profile:

He has an unusual sense of humour, which he got off his Father, sometimesshy, but stands out when among friends, not too hot on meeting people, but is always happy to tag along with people he knows. Shadowing people, helearns of them and their cultures, which makes him good when talking. Not someone to joke at, as - despite having a sense of humour, can never take a joke!!


Computers, writing stories of the future.

Starfleet Service Record:

USS Potempkin - 2 months as Chief Engineer before transferring to-
USS Potempkin - 1 month as Marine CO after taking place of the old MCO.
Then there was a change of Captain -
USS Potempkin - Promoted to 1st Lieutenant and had another month as MCO, but it didn't suit him, and he wished to be back as Chief Engineer.
The USS Potempkin then fell apart as the Captain again resigned, the Bonaventure was then suggested.