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Name: Joshua Brynner
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Place of origin: New Oceana colony on Proxima Centauri IV


Minimal history available at request of subject according to the Starfleet Personal Information Protection Act. Descendant of famous mid-21st century entrepreneur and media tycoon Chris Brynner. Following success of Brynner Information Systems, the family fell into disrepute and has struggled with a reputation for troublemaking and general unreliability. Grandfather moved the current family members, including Joshua, to New Oceana fifteen years ago in order to get a new start. Unfortunately New Oceana's history as a penal colony and continuing civil disorder made it a worse environment than the family's old home. Current status of other family members is undisclosed for subject's protection, although public Starfleet records show that older brother was expelled from the Academy four years ago. Joshua Brynner entered Starfleet Academy six years ago but took a year off citing "personal reasons" and had to repeat several credits amounting to approximately a year's worth of courses. He has been assigned to starship duty on probation, with final Academy graduation pending a performance review from commanding officer.