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Name: Chapel, Michael E.
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Hair: Dark Brown, military cut
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'11"
Father: John Wesley Chapel
Mother: Nancy Mae Chapel

Military History

Shipped to Ellis Island for Marine Corps Boot Camp on stardate 50924.2. Initial reports indicate Michael was a slow learner. Instructors gave him special attention, forcing him to forget how to do everything like a civilian and live as a Marine. The three month training program rebuilt him from the toes up. He excelled in the following areas: hand-to-hand combat, aviation tactics, areodynamic engineering, field combat tactics, and marksmanship. Michael completed Starfleet Marine Corps Boot Camp on stardate 51934.4, and went on to report to his first duty station, just three days after his 19th birthday.

Starfleet Records

First Assignment Starbase 112 months 6
Rank: Infantryman, Private First Class, SB112

Served on board the Regula class starbase for over six months for extensive zero-g combat training. Saw little action, since the base was far from the reach of the dreaded forces of the Dominion. Advanced to Lance Corporal on stardate 52884.1, and transferred shortly thereafter.

Second Assignment - USS Octavia
Rank: Squadleader, Lance Corporal

First active combat duty post. Chapel saw severe enemy action during the Battle for Chal'trav, where Federation forces aided the Klingon Empire in taking back captured energy facilities along the Cardassian/Klingon border. Chapel was wounded just above his left knee during once mission. After serving aboard the Galaxy-class ship for three months, advanced to Corporal. As the Dominion War raged, the Octavia fought in the Battle for Bajor, and was crippled and boarded by Jem'Hadar stormtroopers. Due to the strategic genius of Colonel Xex and courage of the ships crew, enemy troops were delayed while the majority of the crew evacuated.

Third Assignment USS Alabama - Beta months six
Rank: Weapons Specialist, Sergeant

After the destruction of the Octavia, Chapel was transferred to the small Defiant-class cruiser, Alabama, under the command of Major C. Dallas and Commander John Dunbar. The Alabama served as a back up gun for larger fleets, and used its small detachment of Marines to infiltrate enemy installations behind enemy lines. During his tour on board, Chapel climbed steadily up the rates, and served with courage and valor under fire. He was advanced to Sergeant Major on stardate 56922.4. Due to his service record and leadership skills, Captain Dunbar and Lt. Colonel Dallas both authorized and recommended Chapel for Officer Canidate School. Chapel and Dallas had become close friends, and as Chapel learned of his recommendation, he initially declined. Only his fellow Marines convinced him to take the opportunity, and so he left for OCS on stardate 57021.1. Total time served on board the Alabama totalled over four years.
Chapel completed OCS on stardate 57922.5, and his currently en route to his new post as a commissioned Second Lieutenant.


Michael is a fairly easy-going man. He upholds the rules and regulations of Starfleet and the Marine Corps on and off duty, but he likes to cut loose with the men and have fun. He has a tendency to be overly sarcastic and rude at times, but everyone does. He does hold grudges against certain people, but respects both Starfleet personel and Marines. He holds a deep respect for Klingons, and hates Cardassian and Jem'Hadar with a passion. He has no patience for those who overly question him or shirk their duties.


Born in North America, stardate 42902.1. Suffered a turbulent childhood due to conflicts at home and excessive moving across the continent. At age five his father was killed in a mining accident in orbit of Asteriod M211. Family was rewarded damages by the company but was never the same. Relationship between Michael and his mother grew apart. Michael ran away from home when he was 15, to live with his close friend, Tony. With the help of his parents, he finished high school. He never heard from his mother again. At age 18, Michael enlisted in Starfleet Marine Corps. When asked why, he said "I like challenges. 'Sides, I guess I need a new family."