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Name: Davok
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Species: Vulcan
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Height: 6'3"

Academy Record

Majored in Science and minored in Philosophy, graduating second in his class. Received recognition for participation on the competitive level in track and fencing. Psyche evaluation results were typically Vulcan.

Sophomore year field study served on the U.S.S. Amnesty, a Galaxy class starship. Summary report filed by the Amnesty's Chief Science Officer was positive in nature.

Starfleet Service

First Assignment: USS Plato; Nova Class - Rank: Ensign, Lieutenant (JG) - 2 years

Davok's first assignment also happened to be one of his longest. For two years Davok served aboard the Plato, one of which was under the Plato's Chief Science Officer, Lt. Commander Duran. Duran, an older gentlemen, harbored an irrational distrust for Vulcans because of their historical and biological similarity to Romulans. For a single uneventful year Davok's daily chores consisted mostly of data entry and database maintenance.

After a good half decade of service aboard the Plato, Duran was ready to retire. The captain of the ship requested Duran to deliver to him a list of prospective replacements for his position. Davok's name was unsurprisingly absent from the list, despite his studious efforts and flawless record. The Plato's new Chief Science Officer was announced shortly after Duran's departure; Ensign Martins, six months out of the academy, human, and with ties to an influential political family. Davok did, however, receive a promotion to Lt. (JG).

Although blessed with a certain amount of charisma, Davok's new superior science officer was inexperienced and had the tendency to blame others for his mistakes and take credit for whatever successes occurred. However, Davok managed to not only survive his superior's failures. He thrived on them. Assuming an unofficial leadership role within the Plato's science team, he was able to maintain a high level of efficiency in the labs despite the CSO's inattentiveness. He also committed a good deal of personal time towards supporting a myriad of independent studies and projects, some of which were recognized in Starfleet's prestigious science and technology publications.

During his time on the Plato, Davok maintained a highly detailed daily log of both ship and personal activities. This log would come to serve as the catalyst for the abrupt progression of his Starfleet career. It was nearly a week before the second year anniversary of his arrival onboard the Plato when a routine database restructuring resulted in the shuffling of all personal datalogs. While Davok was mildly disturbed to find the ramblings of some recently post-pubescent shipborn teenager in place of his precious journals, CSO Martins (now a Lieutenant) was absolutely outraged by what he found waiting for him. By a sheer stroke of bad luck, Davok's logs had ended up almost literally in Martins' lap for him to read at his leisure, which he of course did. Davok's personal analysis of Martins' abilities and activities were less than flattering to say the least.

The result of this little fiasco was an official review by the ship's captain of Davok's logs, at the request of Lt. Martins. Fortunately for Davok, the captain was more than understanding of the situation. In fact, the logs served to help the captain realize the true nature of his science division, and who it was that deserved the retribution that Lt. Martins so fervently demanded for himself. Davok was soon promoted to Lieutenant and offered the position of CSO aboard the Plato. He gladly accepted the promotion, but refused to take the position offered to him. He had come to the conclusion that his time aboard the Plato should come to an end, and he politely requested a transfer to another science vessel within the fleet. The Captain was happy to oblige.

Lt. Martins' career with Starfleet ended shortly after when he failed to pass a required officer competency test.

Second Assignment: USS Mercutio; Nebula Class - Rank: Lieutenant - 1 1/2 years

The second assignment in Davok's career with Starfleet was board the USS Mercutio, an aging Nebula class which was badly in need of a full scale refit. However, the requests for such a refit made by its CO Captain Walker were refused because of a number of reasons that could be considered simply bureaucratic stumbling blocks.

As the CSO of a large team of well trained science officers who were more or less autonomous thanks to their previous senior officer, Davok found himself with more free time than he felt comfortable with. Six uneventful months passed, during which Davok indulged himself in his hobbies. His taste in music was restricted almost entirely to Earth's classic instruments of the stringed family, the piano in particular. The two years aboard the Plato had sharpened his mind but had left his body in less than optimum shape. As a result Davok actively pursued a variety of sports such as his old favorites fencing and running, as well as the relatively new experiences of zero-g aerobics and tumbling. At one point he even led classes in the traditionally Vulcan art of T'an S'at. Davok's students included a wide range of crewman, as well as a number of command staff such as the Executive Officer and even the Captain.

It was during preparation for one of the T'an S'at sessions that the Captain made an offhand comment concerning the repeated refusals for a refit of the ship by Starfleet. Davok, suddenly aware of his Commanding Officer's aggravation, decided to pursue the matter further. His relationship with the engineering section of the Mercutio was dubious at best, as Chief Engineer Taural was considered to have one of the more volatile tempers among the crew. However, after a few weeks of discussions concerning the sad state of the Mercutio's outdated systems a certain bond formed between Davok and the emotional Chief.

Over the next eight months the two worked in secret to develop ways to retrofit the Mercutio with systems far more advanced than what they had in place. It was a time consuming affair on both their parts, and at one point Davok decided to suspend his participation for a few weeks in order to catch up on a number of projects in the labs that had sorely needed his attention for quite some time. Taural's feelings were hurt by the withdrawal, a reaction that Davok could not begin to understand nor comfort. It took nearly a month for the monumental project to resume, this time with Davok scheduling his time tighter and Taural's name on Davok's T'an S'at class roster.

Nearly a year had passed before the entirety of the plans were drawn up and reviewed by a few select members of both Davok and Taural's staff. Davok suggested that Taural make the presentation, with Davok standing to the side amidst a gathering of command, engineering, and science staff. The Captain, although highly appreciative of their efforts was still uncertain whether the Mercutio had the resources or the time to commit to such an effort. Time was a major factor considering that Captain Walker would only be with the Mercutio for a short time longer, and he didn't want to leave his successor with what he or she might consider a dubious responsibility. Davok, unwilling to allow for compromise or rejection stepped forward and promised that the field refit would be completed by the time the Captain had to leave for his new position aboard a faraway starbase. Walker eventually gave in to the combination Davok's stalwart tenacity and Taural's passion for the project.

As Davok promised the project was completed in time for Walker to see the improvements in action, with a day to spare. The farewell party was both a celebration of the completed refit and Walker's promotion to Commodore. A portion of the celebration took place on the holodeck, where the participants were free to call up any program they wished as part of an impromptu talent show. Davok chose to recreate an ancient concert hall where he performed a number of classical pieces to the surprise of the attendants, few of which knew of Davok's musical interest. One of the female officers added to the surprise by accompanying Davok's playing with a voice worthy of any opera house.

Afterwards Commodore Walker approached Davok, thanking him for all his hard work and explaining how much it meant to him to see the old workhorse Mercutio now able to compete with some of the best ships in the fleet yet again. Davok accepted Walker's gratitude graciously, but pointed out that it wouldn't have been possible had Walker not been as patient with them as he had been. Before launching from the Mercutio the Commodore said he hoped to see Davok again soon.

The Commodore apparently did a little more than hope, seeing as how Davok soon received a transfer and promotion by recommendation to the Starbase under Walker's command.

Third Assignment: Starbase 46 - Rank: Lt. Commander - 2 1/2 years

By Walker's good graces Davok was placed as assistant science officer to the good Dr. Malory aboard Starbase 14. Located inside a particularly volatile region of space afflicted by a number of highly unusual space distorting anomalies, Starbase 14 was a prime position for any science officer looking for both experience and publication potential.

Dr. Malory was both young and passionate about her work, as well as being one of the foremost geniuses in Federation space. Having never worked with a Vulcan before, she found Davok intriguing. Often times Davok found himself a hapless victim of one of Dr. Malory's sometimes unintentionally vicious "studies" as she called them. It wasn't long before he learned to know when to expect one of these "studies" to take place. Dr. Malory had the habit of working feverishly for days on a project for days, even weeks, and then dropping it completely whether it was complete or not. It was during these times of supposed inactivity that he became most cautious. However, despite his unfavorable opinion for her borderline schizophrenic approach to work, he learned a great deal working with the good doctor. Davok would learn in the coming years that Malory's habit of treating those assigned to assist her as subordinates more like equals than lab tools was rare indeed among the majority of Federation "genius" grade scientists.

Four months of his stay aboard Starbase 14 was spent entirely under the watchful eye of Dr. Malory, assisting her with a variety of experiments and surveys of the surrounding area. One day this all changed. A species only a few days of travel from the starbase became warp capable long before any of Starfleet's experts predicated they would, and a mad rush was made to establish diplomatic relations with them. Once cemented, this relationship would benefit Starfleet nearly as much as the new species, who lived on one of the few habitable planets with easily extracted ore necessary for the creation of an alloy essential in the manufacture of the latest starship structural plating. However, their position inside this particular region of space made it especially difficult to establish a constant and effective trade route. The task to study the surrounding area and plot a route, or make room for one, fell on Dr. Malory's shoulders.

Fortunately or Unfortunately for Davok, Malory decided to test her favorite subject yet again by handing him the project instead. Surprisingly for Dr. Malory, Davok accepted the task in his usual manner, as if it were little more than a routine subspace distortion evaluation. More than aware that time was of the essence, Davok worked tirelessly for weeks sorting through survey scans, distortion charts, ships schematics to evaluate stress tolerances, and more. It was a daunting task, and Davok took it in stride. It was in the third week that this stride faltered, as the stress finally became too much even Davok's heightened Vulcan physical stamina. Collapsing amidst a pile of PADDs and leftover replicated nutrition supplements, he was laid out in sickbay for a few precious days. He woke to find Dr. Malory watching him calmly, sitting in a chair beside his bed with her trademark smirk on her lips. Laying on his lap was a PADD containing what seemed to be a copy of his files, but with the necessary additions that left them complete and ready for submission. Malory would never admit to where these alterations had came from, but Davok very well knew. The next day he submitted the plans to the review board, with an attachment recognizing the "unknown benefactor".

With the review board's response favorable and the project underway and out of his hands, Davok returned to working under Malory for the rest of his stay aboard Starbase 14. 30 months had passed since he first stepped onto the station decks when Davok finally boarded the shuttle that would take him to his new post, as CSO aboard the USS Constantinople, a newly built Denmark class just beginning its life in Starfleet. As a farewell gift Malory handed Davok the PADD containing his original project files and personal notes as well as another file containing a personal letter from the Dr. to Davok, which she had kept among her personal affects for nearly two years. The file remains unopened to this day.

Fourth Assignment: USS Constantinople - Rank: Lt. Commander - 1 year

Most of his time aboard the Constantinople was spent aboard the bridge serving an advisory role rather than in the labs themselves. The Denmark's mission was one of exploration, and more often than not this sent them deep into regions of space which were environmentally unsound to say the least. Davok never questioned the captain, but he assumed that his reputation built aboard Starbase 14 for being an expert in spatial environments and the navigation of such was the reason for the transfer and subsequently unusual position aboard the ship itself.

It would be too easy for a ship such as the Constantinople to go unchallenged in the far reaches of unknown space, so Davok was exposed rather early on and through his entire stay aboard the ship to constant conflict with less than amiable species alongside the usual collection of subspace tears and plasma storms. During one of these hostile encounters the ship's captain was incapacitated and his first officer's abilities quickly came into question among all those on the bridge. Although he had no formal tactical or command training, Davok stepped up from his post and calmly requested the first officer to step down until he felt himself able to resume command, which he reluctantly did amidst the glares of the remainder of the bridge crew. Finding himself in the odd position of commanding a starship, Davok performed admirably, disabling the hostile vessel and negotiating a cease fire with its crew. In return the Constantinople was provided with detailed maps of numerous sectors of nearby space and the respect of the species, who had in fact attacked more out of ignorance than true malice.

Recognizing Davok's command potential the Captain and First Officer both suggested he enroll at the Starfleet Command School. Agreeing reluctantly, as he felt that he still had a great deal he could do as a member of the Constantinople's crew, his application was quickly accepted with the numerous recommendations pushing him forward. Still, he remained aboard the Constantinople until she completed her current mission, at which point he was left at the nearest station for rendezvous with a ship headed in the direction of Starfleet's Command School.

Starfleet Command School: 1 year, promoted to Commander upon graduation.

Fifth Assignment: (Bravo Fleet) USS Bonaventure - Rank: Commander - Currently active

Davok finds himself assigned to the Bonaventure, a Europa class starship active in Starfleet's Bravo Fleet. Confident if untested in his abilities as an Executive Officer, he looks forward to the challenges and new faces that await him.


Davok is typically Vulcan in many respects. His calm and detached manner sometimes makes him seem hard to approach, so he has learned over the years to be the first one to offer a greeting. Although he may not be the most effective counselor, he is always willing to listen to others' problems and assist them in any way he can given that he considers that their situation could not be resolved otherwise. There have been times when this habit of refusing to help if he believes the person capable of completing whatever task they are currently involved in has resulted in a few hurt feelings and more than enough flared tempers over the years. He believes first in foremost in self-sufficiency and would abhor the idea that committees and "cooperative effort" are the most effective and creative form of completion of a goal if he were capable of such an emotion.

Although appearing bland and uninteresting superficially, Davok has always been driven to study in a variety of fields, resulting in an unrivaled culmination of entertaining, practical, and intellectual abilities. While he considers himself a master of few arts, he prides himself on being familiar at least to the point of proficiency in everything that may come up in daily life. This ambition to pursue fields of interest other than the specifically intellectual has bothered his more mature counterparts in Vulcan culture even from his childhood. However, since this desire did not stem from any identifiable emotional flaw, there was no rational reason to deny him the opportunity and right to do as he wished in that respect.

If there was one flaw that Davok exhibits, although he would assure you he has many, it would be that he expects a great deal from everyone around him and even more from himself. In the past this has led to unfavorable responses from peers such as anger, frustration, and sometimes the violent launching of nearby objects not directly attached to a much heavier object as a projectile in Davok's general direction. Over time (and after many such aforementioned projectiles), Davok has decided to make small allowances in certain cases. However, until he is given a logical reason why he should not expect the best from everyone and himself, he will continue to do so even to the chagrin of those around him.


Born on Vulcan to a family known for its service to Starfleet, there was little doubt from the beginning as to his future career. So in knowing that he would be someday serving aboard a massive starship, exploring reaches of space unknown to any man before, he decided that focusing on the sciences would be the most logical of paths to take in school.

At the age of 12 his father passed away from the debilitating Tuvan syndrome. The passing hadn't been a surprise, seeing as how the disease itself took decades to run its course. For the last few years of his life Davok's father lay immobile in a hospital bed, unable to communicate through conventional means. Only through the Vulcan's unique psionic abilities was Davok and his father able to communicate, and as a result Davok is in fact more familiar and skilled in the psionic arts than many of the oldest of his family line.

Davok graduated from one of Vulcan's smaller Academies a year ahead of schedule. Unwilling to just let the opportunity slip by, he enrolled directly into StarFleet Academy, and was soon on a vessel en route to Earth. His family understood fully his decision, as a majority of them had also been a part of Starfleet at one point or another in their lives.

His time spent at the Academy was unexceptional. His grades were understandably the highest in the class, although for the first three years he was running against sixteen other students for the same #1 spot on the school roster. It was perhaps the last week of school that was the most significant and unique for Davok. His roommate, also a Vulcan, was also competing to be Valedictorian. However, this roommate, Tavik, was Earth born and raised. He had at no point returned to Vulcan for the special T'an S'at training, and he had lived most of his life with foster parents ignorant of Vulcan tradition. So understandably he was rather emotionally unstable for a Vulcan.

It was this emotional instability that led Davok to purposely missing specific questions on the final exam so that Tavik would be listed as Valedictorian and Davok Salutatorian. However illogical this may sound, Davok had his reasons. Over the years Tavik had always spoken of how important it was for him to be the best, no matter what. At points the stress of such a goal had nearly broken Tavik, sending him into a downward spiral of depression and self hate. Being so close to his goal, Tavik could not fail. If he did, Davok worried that Tavik might take his own life. Even knowing this, Davok wasn't willing to report Tavik and his emotional instability, lest it destroy him completely.

It was this show of sympathy that is likely the one thing Davok regrets the most in his life, as he learned years later that Tavik's performance in the academy allowed him to take a position of command that left many hundreds lives in his hands. Hands that were not capable of bearing such a burden. It was only through quick thinking by Tavik's counterparts that saved Outpost 32 from destruction at the hands of a rogue Cardassian element after Tavik suffered a nervous breakdown after successive weeks of the psychological warfare so favored by the Cardassians.

The events at Outpost 32 only further strengthened Davok's believe that emotions, even sympathy, were the greatest weakness an individual can exhibit.