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Name: Stoy Giia
Age: 21
Gender: Male (neuter)
Species: Andorian
Hair: White
Eyes: Eyes
Height: 1.9 Meters
Father: Krave M'Giia
Mother: Telegar M'Giia
Brother: Topor M'Giia
Sister: Ven M'Ahirn
Sister: Norvo ch'Thane
Sister: Kem Giia
Brother: Kiffis Giia
Sister: Shar Giia
(17 other litters, not shown to preserve space)

Academy Record:

Stoy’s original intent at the Academy was to specialize in tactical and security, but due to his inability to control his temperament, and aggressive tendencies of his race, was recommended by his commanding officers to peruse a degree in engineering. A career decision that ended up better suiting his talents.

While generally easy to get along with, Stoy remained driven, and determined in his classes, referred to as “obsessed” by non Andorian classmates, and “typical” by members of his own species. Stoy’s aggressive nature tended to hinder his progression, and led to several fights, two of which caused him to be held back a year for disciplinary action.

Major degree: Starship repairs
Minor degree: Starship construction
Service year: Utopia Ship Yards

Stoy graduated in the mid 50% in his class.

Starfleet Records

First Assignment: USS Powell
six months
Rank: Ensign
Post: engineer

Second Assignment: USS Pathfinder
Five months
Rank Lieutenant j.g.
Post: assistant engineer, Warp Core Specialist

Stoy was promoted after assisting the Chief engineer with containing a warp core breach. The Chief was fatally injured, and Stoy continued the repairs single handedly, suffering severe radiation poisoning. He received a commendation for his cool-headedness under pressure.

Third Assignment: USS Challenger
Two months
Rank: Ensign
Post: assistant engineer, Warp Core Specialist

Stoy was “encouraged” to seek reassignment after his reduction in rank on the Challenger after a disagreement with the Ships X.O. over the warp engines. No further disciplinary actions were taken.

Current Assignment: USS Bonaventure
Rank: Ensign
Post: assistant engineer, Warp Core Specialist


Stoy represses his aggression, and annoyance at others by losing himself in his work. He tends to overlook minor disturbances, and even threats to his person, but reacts irrationally and occasionally violently when equipment he is in charge of is threatened. Most notably, when he rendered the Executive officer unconscious after the Commander placed a Tuna fish sandwich on a Pulsator arm. the incident officially recorded as “accidental” Stoy was encouraged to seek another post soon after. He has shown an intrest in early 22nd century music, particularly Pukamo, Punk and New Wave Heavy Metal.


Stoy’s Clan was Nomadic, tending to stay toward the center of the main continent, and avoiding technology, content to travel with the Herds, and refrain from meeting outsiders. Stoy left the clan for Talliryen, and developed a fascination for Interstellar travel. After remedial education by a former Starfleet Ambassador, He applied for the Academy, and never looked back.

His service record has been satisfactory, his Loyalty to the Federation without a doubt. Despite his record, Stoy does not have a problem with authority, but tends to question it when he doesn’t agree.

His most prized possession is a crescent wrench autographed by Captain Montgomery Scott.