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Name: Sefran Haopian
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Location: Manchester, England
Hair: Deep black, straight
Eyes: Stern, dark green
Height: 6'3"
Father: unknown
Mother: unknown
Brother: none
Sister: none


Sefran was born on a space freighter, the 'Sefran', but something happned to the freighter about 2 lightyear from earth on a trade route to Rigel.

It was presumed that they were attacked by a rogue terrorist group, but when a starship got there to help, there were only 10 bio signs, 9 of which were weak. All the people were transported to sick bay when 6 of them immidiatly died from the move, the other 3 weak ones died almost 10 minutes after transportaion, leaving only 1, a young 1 year old boy.

Later it was confirmed that the 9 who died were trying to reach the escape pod and protect this child. When the starship brought back the corpses the child was identified as a 'Haopian', and when his godparents recived him they decided to call him Sefran after the frieghter he was born on.

His godparents, Alan and Christine were very mean, cruel and harsh to Sefran and often physically hurt him. At the age of 9 he decided to run away from home, he wasn't sure where he would go but he would find somewhere. He wandered the steets for hours, hungry and tired, and was confronted by a Vulcan.

This Vulcan was from the Vulcan installation in the outskirts of Manchester and he took Sefran there, and that was his home ever since. The Vulcan's were unnaturally kind to him, and fed and clothed him exceptionally. While he was growing up, Sefran became interested in the Vulcan way of life, i.e suppressed emotions, and logical thought. He actually managed suppress minor emotions such as: pride, nervousness, frustraion and hyperactivity. But due to his meditation, his mind rejected to suppress more primitive emotions such as happiness and anger, and due to this Sefran is VERY! quick to anger when he is being annoyed, but his enhanced sence of humour usally stops violence.

At the age of 16, Sefran had been on over 50 Vulcan ships to nearby systems, and visited the sector were he was found. Because of this he became very interested in starships, so he wanted to join Starfleet. Surprisingly the Vulcans either anticipated this, or the whole point of putting him on ships was to get him interested in Starfleet, they had saved up enough money for when he went to Starfleet academy. He espcially excells at Tactical and Science, but really enjoys piloting.


Sefran can be quite ignorant at times, and others can be very open minded and focused. He has a far from perfect personality. He is very quick to anger and tends to day dream on the job occasionally. He finds it hard to socalise with others but never declines some kind of offer. He is a very initiactive person who can make up a plan quick. He takes his time over his work to get it done to the maximum quality.

Starfleet Records

USS Potempkin (Cheif Security/Tactical Officer) 2 months (Ensign)
USS Kursk (Cheif Science Officer) 5 weeks (Ensign)
USS Potempkin (Cheif Security/Tactical Officer) 1 months (Lt. jg)
USS Bonaventure (Cheif Science Officer) Current (Lt.jg)