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Name: Avis Hawkeye
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 254 lbs.
Place of Birth: Minneapolis Minnesota on star date 2351
Languages: English, French, Klingon, and Romulan
Interests: Martial Arts, Wartime Combat Strategies, Jet Fighters, and Land, Sea and Air Combat


4 years Star Fleet Academy Training (Trained as a fighter pilot assigned to Mars colony during down times for seasons.) Finished second in the class. Graduated Academy 2369. Entered an early program provided to him by a teacher and professor at Star Fleet Academy for his extensive intelligence and strategy during a War Game mock up. 2370 entered the two year Marine Training Program scored very high in his class was ranked one after graduation. 2372 requested to become a fighter pilot and entered the training program at Mars colony and began a very extensive training program where he began top gun training. Soon after his graduation in 2374 he was assigned to the Uss Missouri and became a fighter pilot. He was recognised as an exceptional fighter pilot and he decided to put in for a CO position. Star Fleet responded and told him there was a long waiting list. He continued and did several combats missions and such and made his way to the Uss Missouri one day and then in the year 2376 he was given orders to transfer to theUSS Manhatten A as the Marine/Fighter Pilot CO. In 2378 The USS Manhattan A was Decommisioned and he was transferd the the USS Manhattan B.

Service Record

2369 to 2374 Stationed at Mars Colony
2374 Uss Missouri
2376 Uss Manhatten A
2378 Uss Manhattan B
Decorations: none


Not much is known about Avis's early years and nothing much has happened to him during the latter years except for the possibility of him being connected to the maquis in the past.

Personality Profile

Avis Hawkeye is a very quiet and calculative man. He thinks ahead on all facts and strategies. He is known to be very aggressive in his combat tactics, But these tactics are well thought out and very decisive. In all of his previous combat missions he has not lost any personel or resources that were assigned to him.

Special Notes