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Name: Matthew Hurley (Matt)
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Hair: Light brown (gotee)
Eyes: Green
Height: 6'7"
Father: Mike Hurley
Mother: Sherry Hurley
Brother: Dan Hurley
Sister: Michelle Hurley

Academy Record

At the academy Matt's grades were the best in the class. He struggled through science classes and philosophy but excelled very well in engineering.

Major degree: Starship repairs
Minor degree: Starship construction
Service year: Utopia Ship Yards

Matt graduated in the mid 50% in his class.

Starfleet Records

First Assignment USS Dallas-Six months -Rank: Ensign post: engineer

During this time Matt served under Captain Mack Donald. The Dallas was an Ambassador class ship assigned to patrol the Cardassian border. The Dallas responded to a distress call from the Mara Polo colony which was under attack. Ensign Hurley's team was sent down for repairs and relief when the Dallas was attacked by two Dominion warships causing the ship to crash on the surface.

Second Assignment - Mara Polo-two years Rank:Ensign post:defesive engineer

The survivors of the USS Dallas aided in the defense of the colony waiting for relief. Lt. Commander Harry Stiles (the ex-chief of security of the USS Dallas and sole senior officer suvivor) lead the hold out. Finaly a starfleet task force got through.

Third Assignment *** (* denotes active in Bravofleet)- USS Atlantis TF72
Beta-six months Rank: Ensign post: Assistant engineer

Ensign Hurley was allowed some shore leave after the Mara Polo incident. He was given a shuttle for transportation. On his way back home he was attacked by two Jem Hadar fast attack ships. The USS Atalantis under the Command of Captain Sclar responded to his distress call and rescued him. The XO of the ship happened to be Commander Dan Hurley. Matt's older brother convenced him to stay aboard.

Fourth Assignment: *** -USS Farragut TF72 Beta- a year and a half
Rank: Lieutenant Lt. Commander Post: Chief Engineer
Commander Dan Hurley was given a promotion to Captain and given command of the Farragut. He requested Matt and transfer and a promtion. During Matt's time on the Farragut he received a promotion to Lt. Commander and started on command school.
Fifth Assignment: *** -USS Merlin TF72 Beta - 14 days Rank: Commander Post
Commanding Officer.
Starfleet offered Matt his own command of the Merlin class ship USS Merlin. The old science ship was mothballed 14 days later before he could even take a step aboard the ship. Matt found himself at Avalon Fleet Yards with no assignment.
Sixth Assignment: ***- Avalon Fleet Yards- 3 months Rank: Commander
Post: Commanding Office of Combat Information Center.

Matt discussed his situation with the commanding officer of Avalon Fleet Yards Admiral Dirien. Dirien offered him command of the new CIC which Matt accepted. Admiral Brigder took command of the station and the CIC moved headquarters.

Seventh Assignment: *** Avalon Fleet Yards- a year and half
Rank: Commander Post: Chief Engineer

Commander Hurley reluctant to leave Avalon was offered the chief engineer job which he eagierly took.

Eighth Assignment: *** Six months =/\=classified=/\=

Current Assignment: *** USS Bonaventure Rank:Captain Post:Commanding Officer

Upon Matts return to Avalon he soon received a promotion and command of his own ship the Europa class USS Bonaventure.


Matt likes things run efficently on the job but knows how to enjoy himself in his off time. He likes to play around with technology and has worked on improving holodeck technology. He still enjoys a good game of b-ball.


Born and raised on Luna. Matt quickly showed signs of engineering capablities while playing with building blocks. During High school he developed a talent for an old earth game known as basketball. His dream was to bring the sport back to popularity. During this time his older brother Dan applied to the academy and was accepted. After high school Matt relized that basketball really wasn't were he wanted to be so he followed his brothers footsteps and applied to the academy.