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Name: Lira Faith
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Species: Bajoran
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 120
Scars: A scar running down her right cheek for about two inchs, on the far right side.
Height: 5'5"
Father: Kade Faith
Mother: Lakah Faith


Lira was born on Bajor to kade and Lakah during the Cardassian Occupation. Her parents had a small hideout with a small part of the bajorian resistance. She grew up on the run, hiding in caves, and never feeling safe. When she was four, their camp was attacked and her father killed trying to protect her and her mother, ten feet in front of them by a cardassian. The survivors of the camp were taken to a enternment camp, where they were subjected to horrible circumstances. When Lira was seven, her mother was dragged from their cell...she was never seen alive again. Lira functioned as a robot for six more years in the prision until the resistance grew to a momentous size and star fleet stepped in.
Lira and a group from the prision formed a team that worked on a freighter, trying to free anyone who was under supression. A freedom force, yet not part of the maquise. She stayed with the group, growing and trying to get back a life that she never had.
The ship, about three weeks ago, was ambushed on a routine section check by unmarked vessles. They destroyed mostly all of the ship and took hostages of those they deemed worthy and left the rest. Lira helped hide some of the wounded from the invaders and hid herself from being found. On the way out, the enemy's ship delieved a fatal blow to the ship. no one ever investigated the wreck. What no one noticed was the few life signs left alive...but for how long.