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Name: Gian Ulysses Mirner
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Species: 1/2 Human, 1/2 Betazoid
Home Planet: Earth
Height: 6'1"
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Black
Father: Kailin Mirner (deceased)
Mother: Rachel Mirner

Academy Record

Average or decent scores in most fields of science and engineering. Excellent scores in social studies (philosophy, politics, languages) as well as in computers.

Gian was in the top 50% of his class.

Federation Standard


Gian is a fairly tall man, with wavy dark brown hair parted in the middle. He has the characteristic eyes of a Betazoid, but culturally seems as human as they come. He is usually quiet and somewhat untrustworthy of people in general, though one that gains his respect will never have a more loyal friend. He has an odd love of archaic sports: fencing and archery. He has been known to add/reprogram holodeck programs to suit his taste.


Gian was born to Kailin and Rachel Mirner, a betazoid/human couple living near London, England, on Earth. His father was the commander of a merchant vessel, his mother a former shuttle pilot in the Federation. When Gian was seven years old, his father was killed when his cargo ship was attacked by pirates. Gian and his mother usually traveled with Kailin on his journeys, and both would often feel guilty for not being there when he needed them the most.

Like most half-betazoids, Gian developed a talent in detecting people's emotions. Particularly, he found he could very easily tell when someone was lying to him and when someone was telling the truth. Growing up, he was far from physically imposing, so he learned how to make friends instead of bullying people around. He oftentimes knew what went on in the town the instant it happened, taking advantage of his friends as informants.

Even in the academy, he was renowned for knowing everything that went on. Someone had a romance, he knew. Someone had a conflict with a teacher, he knew. His knowledge and skills in information-gathering did not go unnoticed, and after graduation he was assigned as a covert operative, specializing in infiltrations and espionage. He made his way up the ranks of the intelligence department, until he had a galaxy-spanning list of contacts and his own team of operatives beneath him, though a recent disappearance of him and his core team of operatives has flagged him MIA in the Federation databases.