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Name: Moriah Faith-Hurley
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Species: 1/2 Human 1/2 Betazoid
Place of birth: Betazed
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 125
Father: Ryan Faith
Mother: Leianna Faith
Brother: Trevelyan Faith

Starfleet Records

2365-2370-USS Enterprise -Ensign/Lt.Jg-Nurse
2370-2373 - USS Freedom - Lt. /Chief Nurse
2373-2375-Leave of Absence
2375-Avalon Fleet Yards Lt./Chief Nurse
2375 Present Time - USS Bonaventure Lt./Chief Medical Officer


Betaziod public schooling system
Betaziod university (Degree in psychology)2360-2362
Starfleet Academy -2362-2365


Federation Standard


Spending time on the holodeck
Playing the Piano and the Violin
Listening to 1900's earth music
Painting and drawing


Moriah is a passionate , stubborn , and sometime very strong willed women. You never ever want to cross the wrong path with Moriah she has a temper but she never really shows her temper , unless she has too. She is kind and gentle to all of her patients , no matter who it is. Moriah is very loyal to whom ever she serves and will be with you through thick and thing and even to the death , unless of course you do something to damage that , then you can lose all of that.....If the good doctor is ever down or unhappy you can often find her on the holodeck either singing , or horse backriding , two of her favorite pastimes.


Moriah Faith was born on a beautiful Spring day on Betazed to Dr. Ryan Faith and Leianna Faith. Along with her Twin brother Trevelyan ,whom Moriah always called , Vellie , were raised with their Mother for their father was a starfleet Doctor and was often called away , though the times Moriah's father was on betazed where the happiest times in her young life. She adored her father and loved and knew that she would be a doctor just like her father, at least she hoped she would be.
Her and her mother , Leianna were a different story. They never got along at all it was a constant battle of the wills from the time that Moriah was born! Moriah tried to get along with her mother she really did but their relationship was missing something Moriah was quit sure what but it was missing something and Moriah knew that they would probably never be close at all. She was sad but she had tried most of their talks ended up in arguments of some kind.
One thing Moriah knew is that her mother wanted her to stay on Betazed , being trapped was more like it , in her mind , and there was no way she was going to live on Betazed for ever for there was a whole universe to explore out there in the great unknown. Her Mother and Father were close with a human family they had known for years and years , both parties had arranged that when their children were old enough Moriah would have been forced to marry . A human by the name of Roman Sinclar. But of course by now you know this would never come about. Instead of meeting the young man , she left Betazed and headed for earth and applied at the Academy. She knew what she wanted to be a Doctor just like her father.
Her mother was to say the least very upset at what had happened Ryan had tried to calm his wife letting her know that their headstrong girl wouldn't have settled for marriage and that they should have never arranged such a joining. Moriah's father was very proud of his daughter , his angle , for becoming a doctor.
Her Academy years were happy ones. One reason being she met her best friend a Caitian by the name of Kitra. She was a beautiful Caitian , kind , friendly , and outgoing. They became fast friends with a strong bond that would last forever. The years passed by quickly almost to fast for Moriah at last the day for graduation came , her family of course was there.
Her first assignment was the USS Enterprise she loved her job so much Moriah didn't care if she moved up in rank or not all that mattered to her was helping people. One day a visitor that the Enterprise had picked up while taking a quick stop at DS9 , a joined trill by the name Deilas Cyl a doctor the Enterprise said they would meet his Ship the Freedom on their way to their next assignment. The two meet while in ten forward and it was love at first site Moriah thought she would never ever fall in love but here he was standing right before her, tall and handsome. All of a sudden there was a whirl of excitement, and then the two where married , Captain Picard married them off. And then they where on the Freedom. It had all been too fast , but Moriah was happy and in love. They had four happy years of marriage.
Unfortunately their marriage wouldn't last for long their ship was taken hostage by a renegade group called the Maquis , it had been a surprise attack. The Freedom had been responding to a Cardasine plea for help. But the crew of the Freedom was one not to ever back down from anything they fought the renegades and got their ship back , but they had lost several officers in the processes , one of them was Dr. Cyl. The doctor had died saving Moriah's life. Devastated Moriah asked to take a leave of absence. She headed to to Caitia her friend , Kitra had asked her to come and stay with her and her family. A friend was what Moriah needed. While staying on Catia Moriah got word that the Cyl symboint was still alive. Moriah hoped that she would never have a run-in with him it would be hard to part again. After a three year leave Moriah decided to go back to starfleet , they assigned her a new position at Avolon Fleet Yards.That assignment only lasted a few months , she had fallen in love with one the Comdr.'s , Commander Matt Hurley , he had gone missing for several months. But as fate would have it he came back again and got a command of his own ship , he had asked her to be his Chief Medical officer and she accepted. Today Moriah is serving on the USS Bonaventure and so fare things are looking up.


One Cat named - Romeo. An orange tabby with green eyes , who always follows her around, at least most of the time.