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Name: Darius Creed
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Hair: Dreds
Eyes: Green
Height: 6"
Father: Miles Creed
Mother: Kari Creed


Raised on starships all his life, it was always known that Darius would join starfleet. His father, Miles Creed, was an engineer on the USS Hood and his mother, Kari Creed, was a Doctor on board. He was always a troublemaker growing up. Even when you thought it wasn't possible, Darius found new and interesting ways of getting into trouble. He's extremely bright and loves the opportunity to learn new things. Entered starfleet at age 16 and graduated with a major in Piloting and a minor in Operations and Medicine(paramedic). Is outgoing and still has a knack for getting into trouble.


"He's got the makings of a good officer, but chances are his superiors will kill him before he gets there."

           - Academy instructor in report to Commandant.