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Name: Charisma Summers
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Hair: light blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 1.6 m (5'3")
Father: Gill Summers (deceased)
Mother: Melissa Summers (doesn't talk to)
Brother: Christopher Summers

Physical Description

Charisma is five foot three, with slightly tan skin and always has a bit of a mischievous glaze in her eyes. She is built, but its not that obvious.


Other than for arguing with people, she has always grown up with the slight bit of a tom-boyish trait. She worked with the united states army for two years before enlisting in the academy. She was always out playing simple games of football, roller hockey or soccer whenever she could get the teams together with her spare time.

Past Life and History

Charisma grew up in Chicago with her family. Her father was a general in the army and her brother was in star fleet. Her father died when she was twelve in an accident. She mostly took care of her mother, who was to dependent on people and always burdened her down by not letting her go out of anything. Charisma joined the army right out of high school, against her mothers wishes. She was in it for two years before her brother had her transferred to star fleet. Her mother stopped talking to her at that point. She went through the academy and excelled in points of security tactics and quantum physics. though she wanted only to be in security. She was stationed at Starbase 711 right out of the academy then transferred to the Bonaventure when she learned of an opening.