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Name: Cleopatra Azzure Paris
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: 1/2 Betazoid, 1/2 Human
Place of Birth: Talmarine, Betazed
Date of Birth: 3/16
Hair: Golden Blonde w/ a hint of red
Eyes: Sky Blue or Blue Grey
Height: 6'7"
Father: Thomas Eugene Paris
Mother: Lassine

Personal History

Illegitimate child of Tom Paris as a direct result of fraternazation while on a mission. Grew up in a foster home in Talmarine but at age 12 ran away and snuck on a ship to earth. Was found but after a great deal of pleading on my part they worked out a deal with my mother and I stayed on bord the civilian ship The Santa Maria until I joined Star Fleet acadamy at age 15 and lied about my age to get in. When they discovered I was kicked out. I then lied to Admiral Misite Cuen and used my Father as an excuse to get a posting on the U.S.S. Janeway. I spent about 6 monthes there as the Counciler and back up Ops. officer before I was kicked off for missleading Admiral Cuen. Meanwhile I had been working on Star Fleet Intelegence training by Experience and after suppling Star Fleet with what they needed on a information leak, was finally considered a Star Fleet Acadamy Graduate and given the rank Lt. J.G. but was promoted to full Lt. when recieved the posting aboard the Bonaventure and am curently working on cleaning up my act.