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Name: Thomas Ransom
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Height: 1.95 m
Father: John Ransom
Mother: Claire Ransom (doesn't talk to)
Brother: John Ransom (missing)


White skinned, looks like a calm and friendly person.


Thomas was born on the Mars colony were his family has lived for decades. The Ransom family were all engineers. Thomas' father, John Ransom, broke this family tradition by joining Starfleet. Thomas followed in his footsteps and also went to the Academy at the age of 16. Just after Thomas graduated his parents had a divorce (shortly after John was promoted to Captain after making first contact with the Yridians) because he was assigned to his own ship, the USS Equinox a Nova class ship. Claire didn't want to live on a small ship. When the USS Voyager finally managed to restore contact with Starfleet and word got out about what his father had done. He became an outcast on his ship. A couple of months later, his Captain more or less forced him to leave his ship after Thomas had asked him why he was passed on promotion. His Captain said that he refused to have a traitor serve as a commanding officer on his ship. Thomas knocked down the Captain. Somehow, one of his old Academy friends managed to prevent a Court-martial and got Thomas reassigned to the Bonaventure.


Ransom grew up on Mars were all of his family were working as engineers. Everyone wanted him to follow in the footsteps of all the Ransom generations before him, especially because his father already broke this tradition. When the presure of the constant probing by his family, to see if he was intrested in Starfleet and then to break that intrest, got to high, Thomas ran away from home. He ended up on Earth were he signed up, which had been his life-long dream.
His first assignment was on the USS Diton, an old Excelsior refit were he was Chief Shuttle Pilot. He was promoted to Lieutenant after one year and accepted a transfer to another ship. Thomas' second assignment was on the USS Banon, a Galaxy Glass, were he was piloting the ship at the Helm. The Banon's Captain died just before the end of the Dominion War and a new captain was assigned.
After a conflict with the new Captain, Thomas was re-assigned to the Bonaventure as Executive Officer.