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Name: Sokana Lernae Rendar
Age: 22 Human years / 13 Vionen years
Gender: Female
Species: Vionen
Place of Birth: Vicle, Synor
Hair: Black with Dark Blue
Eyes: Violet
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 131 lbs.
Father: Fezan Ckion
Mother: Grunl Ckion
Brothers: Vermano, Mercan, Kunan and Epin
Mother: Analy and Ketalne


Sokana looks similar to the humans but is quite different as well as unique. She is similar to the humans in the manor of body structure. She also has the same attributes: a nose, hair, arms, legs and skin. Instead of the usual pale, dark or tan skin color, hers has a tint of light blue. Her mid-back length, black yet dark blue naturally highlighted hair seems to match her skin tone. Her violet eyes seem to match well also. She stands to be about five feet and seven inches. Sokana is well built for swimming, and running.


Sokana can sometimes have a bad temper but it is usually under control. She will be rude and inconsiderate to people who begin annoying her or just try to take advantage of her. Aside from that, she likes to have fun and joke around. Sokana does prefer to do things on her own, but will cooperate with others. She is fond of playing the Xiore (similar to an earthly guitar but it's shorter with a few additional strings) and the Bpohi (similar to a clarinet but it has two horns curved outward and doesn't have as many keys). Another of Sokana's pastimes is swimming.


Not much is known about Sokana's background because there are no written records. But this is what she has said to those wanting to know her past.

Sokana had lived on the war-based planet Synor. Her species were always fighting with another and had to take shelter in the oceans waters or the deep coastal caves. They could always sense when and someone untrustworthy was nearby.

She was born six years before the wars ended and peace begun. Unfortunately, two years after peace, an invading species landed on Synor. They killed many of the adults and took the children and teens as slaves. Sokana was eight years old in vionien years when she was taken. Due to the training she took to fight during the wars, Sokana did a well job when it came to defending herself from the invaders. Sadly, they had the upper hand and took Sokana prisoner. She, along with her eldest sister Analy, were sent to a ship that was in orbit of Synor. During their imprisonment, Analy found an escape pod and forced Sokana to take it and leave to find safety. Sokana left, promising that she would one day return to bring her brothers and sisters freedom. For an unknown amount of time, she drifted throughout space in suspended animation.

When Sokana awoke, she met the curious eyes of the humans. She quickly got up to defend herself, just in case they would attack, but she was able to sense that friends surrounded her. After a short amount of time, Sokana learned the humans' language, as well as the many cultures, and the fact that she was fifteen in human years and only nine in vionien. She learned extremely quickly. During the learning process, she discovered that she had been found by a Federation ship and had been taken in, for she was a species that had never before been documented.

At age seventeen, two years being aboard the Federation ship, Sokana had changed her name. It used to be Xelen Ckion, but she changed it to Sokana Lernae Rendar. She felt that it was necessary, just in case the invaders of her home planet ever knew her real name and tracked her to this new galaxy.

Sokana lived on board a number of ships for another two years, and had a chance to learn more of the ships' functions. A few times, she has been able to visit the planet Earth.