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Name: X'vi'r R'll'ns
Human Name: Xavier Rollins
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Species: Xenexian
Hair: Black
Eyes: Purple
Height: 5'8"

Career History

          -Graduated from University of Xenex, Recieved masters in Science and Languages
          -Took position as Chair of the Science Department, University of Xenex
          -Recieved honorary rank of Lt by Starfleet Command, assigned to USS Saratoga as Chief Science officer
          -Transferred back to the University of Xenex to Chair the Science Department
          -Asked by Starfleet to serve as Chief Science Officer aboard USS Bonaventure


X'vi'r (Xavier) has had a rough life. His parents were killed when he was yet a small child and the planet of Xenex was under the rule of the Danteri Empire. The experience of having to watch his parents die scarred the young boy, and also made him desire freedom. When M'k'n'zy of Calhoun led the rebellion on Xenex, X'vi'r quickly signed up, becoming a leader of a squad of freedom fighters. Only 19 years old, he used his knowledge of science to trick the Danteri soldiers. Eventually, the Xenexians fought back the Danteri and were free from the oppression. X'vi'r stayed with his mentor and teacher, J'h'n. J'h'n went on the found the University of Xenex, the first and only establishment of higher learning. He was able to do this with a big grant from the Federation and other neighboring worlds. The University thrived, and X'vi'r quickly signed up for the Science and language courses. He took all that he could, until he had accumulated twice as many credits as he needed to graduate. Once he did graduate, he stayed on as Chair of the Science Department, using the meager resources to conduct experiments in hopes of gaining more funding for the institution. His work payed off, for in 2370 he developed a process called: Planet revivification. It was used to treat the soils of dead planets so that they could produce crops again. His breakthrough earned him the Nobel Prize and more funding for the University. Starfleet then asked him to serve a stint as Chief Science Officer of a deep space vessel, the USS Saratoga-A. He accepted and spent 12 months cataloging various spacial phenomenon. He eventually got bored and returned to his teaching at the University of Xenex. After a yard anf a half, Starfleet again asked him to serve as Chief Science Officer, this time on the USS Bonaventure, a ship of the line. X'vi'r was hesitant at first, but a very generous grant from the Federation changed his mind.