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Name: Masako "Sako" Hagiwara
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Hair: Dark Brown, shoulder length
Eyes: Dark Brown
Height: 5'7"

Personal Records

Sako is one twelve children who were genetically engineered as embryos by the Omega Faction. Her biological parents were killed by the Federation on a raid of the facility. She was adopted and raised by a couple who were prominent in Starfleet. She did not know of her origins until right before her parents were killed in the Borg attack at Wolf 359. Status of the other infants and the Omega Faction are unknown.

Even knowing this, she joined the Academy -- a year early. She kept her origins a secret, fearing that she would be ostracized and perhaps even killed. She managed to forge her genetic data for a short time so that Starfleet Medical would not notice the unusual genetic markers left behind by the Omega Faction.

She excelled in the maths and sciences and chose to study exclusively in physics. She graduated Salutatorian in her class and soon after leaving the Academy, joined her first ship: The USS Farragut E under Captain Daniel Hurley.

Soon after the destruction of the Farragut E, she joined the USS Bonaventure under Captain Matthew Hurley.

She's very reclusive and tends to stay alone or in small groups. She dislikes loud and crowded rooms, having a little bit of calustophobic nature. She is friendly and caring and many find her to be a good friend. She is a hard worker and persistant in her work.