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Name: Steven Reid Samsa
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Hair: Dark
Eyes: Grey
Height: 6'
Major: Engineering

Starfleet Records

Appearance & Attitude:

Steven Reid Samsa is straight from the academy--and shows it. He has very little experience onboard a starship and occasionally has poor judgement. He is roughly 6 feet tall and has dark hair. His eye color is grey as he has Andorian blood far back in his family tree--four generations back. His skin is not blue and he doesn't have antennae. He, in fact, looks to be human. Aside from the eye color, the only factor that even resembles his Andorian lineage is a slight temper which he does a good job of keeping under wraps. He is a touch cocky and once in a while arrogant but overall a nice guy.


He was away at the Academy during the Vesuvi incident. He was born at the Haven Colony--one of the first children born there sometime in the mid to late 2300s. He spent a lot of time as a youth behind the helm of his Type-8 shuttlecraft running small errend missions between Haven Colony and the orbital facility for his uncle--Director Soams. Every time a Starfleet vessel would pass by, he would go to the Haven Facility to watch it cross the stars. He only had one dream as a child--to fly one. He went to Starfleet Academy and graduated 8th in his class in the field of Engineering. Despite his temper he has not recieved any discommendation by his peers or superior officers. He has a mild distaste for all Cardassians for obvious reasons. He is currently assigned to the USS Bonaventure.