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Name: Shaquik
Gender: Male
Species: Human


After the destruction of a Federation vessel in a subspace anomoly, one of the escape pods was found by a Ferengi ship. In the pod, a human child was found. Against his better judgement (and about 25% of the Rules of Acquisition), the commander of the Ferengi ship took pity on the child and returned to Ferenginar to raise him in the Ferengi way.

The child, named Shaquik by his profit-driven foster father, learned well the ways of his new people. However, he felt he did not belong among the large-eared folk of his wet home and returned to Earth upon achieving adulthood, enrolling in Starfleet Academy.

After graduating from the Academy, Shaquik was stationed on Starbase 503 as assistant counsellor to Zoey St. Pierre-Hardy. While never exactly commended for bravery, his quick thinking aided the crew with some of its more unusual problems. Finally, though, realizing that the Badlands weren't the appropriate place for him, he requested a transfer to the Bonnaventure.