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Name: Beatrice Smith
Age: 46
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Date of Birth: 3/16
Hair: Dark Red, with some gray
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'7"
Father: Hayden Smith
Mother: Diane Smith
Daughter: Debbie Smith


Usually a kind and careful person, Bea has been said to be one of the few people in the Universe that is truly loyal. Of course, her father said that so she does not think it counts. There is, however, some method in his madness; Bea can very loyal, kind and careful. Despite this, she still has a hard streak; a no-nonsense attitude that dominates when provoked. Bea loves to use her hands and found cooking to be therapeutic in her youth as her parents constantly fought. Despite a tragic accident at her restaurant, she still has a passion for creating food.

Personal History

Until she was old enough to support herself and move out, Bea lived in Melbourne, Australia. After flying the nest, Bea moved up to Sydney before opening her own restaurant. She remained at her restaurant, which she called "The Bea Hive", for almost thirty years. Unfortunately, this restaurant was recently destroyed due to the negligence of her co-worker, taking along the lives of two patrons. Distraught, Bea moved to San Francisco and applied to join the USS Bonaventure.