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Name: Tae Sonntag
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Species: Minaran
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'9"
Father: Mcord Sonntag
Mother: Cholette Sonntag
Brother: Delaney Sonntag
Sister: Janis Sonntag

Starfleet Records

First assignment U.S.S. Bonaventure: Ships Counselor

Major degree: Interspecies Psychology
Minor degree: Officer Basic
Service year: Alpha Centari Star base

Tae Sonntag graduated in the mid 90% in her class.


Tae is very focused and professional when on duty, but laid back when off, She makes an effort to leave her work at the office. She enjoys everything from going out dancing to, attending the opera on the Holodeck. Her normally mute species' unique way of communicating is influential in her ability to play a wide variety of musical instruments. She makes friends easily, is very approachable, and a people person. traits necessary in a ships counselor.


Since the incident involving Gem, a member of her species with the Starship Enterprise's Captain, James T. Kirk, there has been a limited Federation presence on her home world of Minara. Tae became acquainted with several of the Crewman, and developed a fascination with their ability to speak verbally, an trait unknown to her empathic race, who communicated via hand signals when necessary, but typically through musical notes. As a gesture of goodwill, the captain of the U.S.S. Powell arranged for her to be transported to the Vulcan science academy, for a Larynx implant, giving her the ability to speak verbally, a procedure that would take years of therapy to implement correctly.

Her species natural compassion, and empathic abilities made her recovery difficult however, and her race's natural ability to heal other's infirmities by assuming them on her own person, took prolonged training to keep these powers under control and keep her from being a threat to herself. Throughout her experience, she intrigued at being able to help other people without constantly subjecting herself to physical and emotional injury, with the help of the Vulcan Masters.

Though she could to some degree take care of her own identity and physical well being, she still wanted to help people, The temptation to heal injured patients was too great for her to peruse a career in physical medicine, so she turned to Psychology, realizing she had the power to protect her mind, more than her Body.

Tae achieved her B.S. while on Vulcan, and traveled to Betazed, for more in depth training on empathic disciplines, and continue her Psychological training. Also, though she valued the skills she learned from them, it was difficult for her to live with so emotionless people as the Vulcans. She Graduated with honors from the University of Batazed, and started a private practice on that world.

After leaving the harried stress of Academic studies, and traveling from Vulcan to Batazed, her life became rewarding, but monotonous, so, not wanting to just be another face on a planet, or settle into a boring, comfortable life, she thought back to the Starfleet influences of her childhood, and longed for the excitement, and opportunities of new discovery on a starship. She went to the Academy, and received her commission, and eagerly awaited her first posting aboard the Bonaventure.