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Name: Elemak Vasterok
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Species: 1/4th Betazoid, 1/4th Human, 1/2 Vulcan
Hair: Blonde, Swept Back
Eyes: Solid Blue
Height: 6'2"
Father: Tazifan Vasterok
Mother: Iliana Denzai

Military History

Graduate of one of the Federation's many marine training facilities, Elemak was quickly singled out for command training due to his innately useful genetic talents. Possessing the unique combination of Betazoid empathy and Vulcan discipline, Elemak was and is able to maintain a firm mental awareness of the state of those around him, enemy and friendly. This talent, which he still finds to be particularly contradictory in nature, put him on the fast tract for command.
Elemak excelled in all classes presented him concerning hand to hand combat, particularly unarmed martial arts combat training. His grasp of weapon usage and craft operation is superb, although his ability to take orders suffered early on and continues in some form to this day, although less of a problem at present due to special discipline enhancing excercises. Lieutenant Vasterok also participated in the engineering department of his marine academy, in which he was recognized several times for his ability to quickly modify and repair field equipment and craft components.

Starfleet Records

First Assignment Planetside MPT (Marine Pilot Training) complex #16 : 9 months
Rank: Tactics Consultant, Honorary Lieutenant rating

Served as Logistics and Tactics consultant for a single training term in redundant marine company #3425. Developed planetside training sim officially labeled "Terra Paragon". Recieved commendation and offer of extended stay of training. *Offer refused, citation officially recorded. Requested transfer to Bravo Fleet*


Typical Vulcan mindset. Extremely strict and quick to refer others to regulations in cases of misconduct. Honest and straightforward, Elemak is often regarded with indifference from those of equal or higher rank, respected by those who are subordinated to him. Empathic nature sometimes leads to heated (for Vulcan) conversations between himself and others, even superior officers. This has lead to numerous embarrasing situations where the usual tact of civil conversation is subverted by his unreal ability to bring out the worst in those he knows to be false.
Vulcan as he may be, his Human Betazoid side does show through in his open door status when it comes to fellow shipmates, as he is able to console them with both logic and an innate understanding of their emotional being. Patient, understanding, and kind (for a majority Vulcan), Elemak is the usual political go between opposing groups present in the environment; be it in the field, or on the observation deck.
Elemak also harbors an unusual disgust of Klingons, which isn't at all rare in the Federation, but has led to quite a number of embarasing and inconvenient situations when cross species excercises involving Klingons were held at his Academy. Further information is outlined in the History.


When asked directly about his personal history, Elemak usually responded with a cliche Vulcan phrase he considers to be a summary of his life up to that point. From what Bravo Force can draw from official records, Vasterok was born to a Vulcan Father and Human/Betazoid mother. Shipborn en route to the Vulcan homeworld, Vasterok would spend most of his life in the absence of naturally occuring gravity as he was often being shuttled from station to station due to his parent's careers as scientist diplomats. Details from this part of his life are vague at best, as records were often altered or destroyed for various diplomatic and beurocratic reasons. What is apparent is that his father died following an unsuccessful negotiation with a rebellious Klingon faction. Soon after Elemak's mother signed the age waiver needed for him to be allowed into a military academy and was never mentioned officially again, although periodically Vasterok dissapears on what he claims to be a "Necessary and proper pilgramage." on which he refuses to comment further.