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Name: Frank Wells
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Species: Efrosian/Human
Home Planet/Birthplace: Tragathar City, Efros
Hair: White
Eyes: Ice Blue
Height: 6'
Weight: 200 lbs.

Educational Background

Primary and Secondary Schools: Efros
Starfleet Academy: Terra, majoring in Navigation. Minoring in Medical
Starfleet Command School

Service Records

Graduated Starfleet Academy: 2360
Assigned as Helm Officer: USS Constantinople: two years: transferred 2362
Assigned as Flight Control Officer: USS Badger: three years: transferred 2365
Assigned as Instructor: Starfleet Academy: four years: transferred 2369
Assigned as Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer: USS Langley: two years: transferred 2371
Assigned as Chief Flight Control Officer: USS Georgetown: one year: transferred 2372
Graduated Starfleet Command School: 2373
Assigned as Executive Officer: Starbase 12: two years: transferred 2375
Assigned as Executive Officer: USS Alexandria: two years: transferred 2377
Current Assignment: USS Bonaventure: Executive Officer

Personal History

Frank is a Efrosian/Human born on the planet Efros. The Planet Efros, an arctic planet has produced some of the finest navigators and doctors in Starfleet history. Frank comes from a long line of Starfleet officers/enlisted and strives to carry on that legacy. Most notable in his family history is MCPO Luke Wells who served as the Original Constitution Class' USS Pegasus as it's Command Master Chief for almost 12 years as well as several of his family who served as bodyguards for the Federation President as well as the Federation President himself, who was in office during the signing of the treaty with the Klingons at planet Khitomer. He is extremely proud of his family's service to the Federation.

Frank joined Starfleet at age 18, almost 20 years ago, and has no plans to leave anytime soon. His mother and father, both Starfleet Officers, are a constant source of support to him and he tries to get together with them at least once a year. Professionaly Frank is outstanding but his romantic life is somewhat of a shambles with two broken marriage engagements. He still hopes one day to have a family so that his sons/daughters can continue his family's fine Starfleet tradition.

Frank's hobbies include many winter sports, including skiing and bobsledding. He also enjoys board games as well as holodeck mysteries, his favorite being a Delaxian Murder Mystery that he has yet to solve. He aslo enjoys playing the piano. He is a very sociable person who makes friends easily and rarely spends time cooped up in his quarters.

Frank's Efrosian metabolism cannot handle very hot climates without special cooling equipment.