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Note: Tactical Display Units (TDUs) optional for every standard loadout. Equip at squadron leader's discretion. BDUs, Tactical Helmets, Level Two Combat Armor and a full loadout of electronics is standard for all loadouts unless specified otherwise. A type one accessory package includes an Infantry Backpack, Canteen, Compass/GPS, Flashlight, Thermal Blanket, Medical Kit, and field rations. A type two accessory package includes only a flashlight, medical kit, and optional field rations.

All Standard Loadouts established by Marine CO Elemak Vasterok. Personal preference is allowed as these are only the suggested, albeit it highly, loadouts.

For more information on Marine armaments, visit the Bravofleet database.

Boarding/Anti-Boarding Combat Loadout:

The accessory package for this loadout is considered to be type two for all intents and purposes.

Marine XQB Carbine Phaser with additional energy cells: 1
Type-IIf hand Phaser with additional energy cells: 1
Flechette grenade: 2 (4)*
Flash/Bang grenade: 2 (4)*
*Breeching charges: 2
**Expanded Medical Kit: 1

Sniper Loadout:

The general concept behind the Sniper's equipment is to emphasize stealth and speed over defensive capability. This loadout includes the type one accessory package.

Type IV Phaser Sniper Weapon with additional energy cells: 1
Type-IIf hand Phaser with additional energy cells: 1
HEFRAG Grenade: 2
Level one combat armor
Helmet may be excluded

Ground Combat Loadout:

Includes a type one accessory package. Most similar to the Bravo Fleet established standard infantry equipment.

Type IVb Pulse Phaser Rifle with additional energy cells: 1
Type-IIf Hand Phaser with additional energy cells: 1
***Photon Grenades: 4
HEFRAG Grenade: 2
HEAP Grenade: 2

* = Demolition Experts only
** = Designated Medics only
*** = Only in times of open war or conflict. Not suited for standard operations in the field.