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The following logs contain information pertaining specifically to the participation of the Bonaventure Marines in past missions. Unfortunately there are a number of missions not included in this log because of the fact that marines have not always seen action aboard the Bonaventure, as some involved purely diplomatic processes. The Marine CO is responsible for the maintainance of this log, unless specified otherwise. Individual marines may also include their own personal thoughts on certain missions if they so desire.

Shadows of the Past:

Initiate Log; Stardate 56504.5:

The infamous "X" made himself apparent to StarFleet yet again by destroying a research station in Federation space. However, he had also managed to acquire hidden Starfleet research into the cloning of Jem`Hadar soldiers. These cloning techniques were quickly put to use by "X" at a base hidden away on a remote planet. The Bonaventure was called in to investigate, and her marines were handed the job of breaking through X's defense network and destroying the cloning base before he was able to amass an army capable of posing a threat to the Federation as a whole. This task force was headed up by Lt. Commander Paris and 1st Lt. Vasterok, who were accompanied by 1st Lt. Horn, Chief Lira, 2nd Lt. Rendar, 2nd Lt. Asan, and Ensign Mirner.

With the help of Mirner's technical expertise, the task force was able to slip through X's planetary shield with little delay. However, after the descent to the surface, things began to go downhill. The Beowulf class runabout piloted by Chief Lira and Lt. Commander Paris experienced difficulties with their cloaking system and were damaged to such an extent that they were forced to make a rather violent emergency landing on the mountainous planetary surface. With their ship damaged beyond repair the Marauder's crew dug in as best they could in preparation for an assault by X's clone army.

At the helm of the Blackhawk class runabout, 1st Lt. Vasterok and 2nd Lt. Rendar had been doing their best to draw enemy fire away from the Marauder while their crew made an attempt to deliver the "package" to the enemy. The "package" consisted of material extracted from the artificial singularity of a derilect Romulan Warbird held in magnetic containment aboard the Marauder. The contents were believed to be very explosive in nature. However, upon seeing the Marauder crash into a marine not far from the enemy base, Vasterok landed the craft and ordered Rendar to stay behind to pilot the craft in case they needed immediate extraction while he led a small contingent of men into the mountains in search of the stranded crew.

Due to the harsh terrain the going was slow and Vasterok decided to scout ahead while Corporal Hobson assembled the marines behind him. By the time Vasterok arrived at the scene of the crash the Jem`Hadar soldiers had already surrounded the Marauder and her crew except for the side where a sheer cliff rose many hundred meters into the air. Luckily enough Vasterok was able to tie up a flanking force of Jem`Hadar long enough for the following marines to subdue them from behind.

High up in the atmosphere Ensign Mirner, with the help of his assistant Jenna, was doing his best to aid the forces on the planet. If not for his constant assessments of the situation and relaying of information to the surface forces, the mission would have most likely failed. Finally 1st Lt. Horn suggested orbital bombardment in hopes of destroying the encroaching Jem`Hadar forces. To his credit Ensign Mirner agreed and ordered the bombardment. Minutes later the Jem`Hadar forces were left without a single man standing.

Lt. Commander Paris had been wounded during the crash, and Chief Lira alone was left to organize the defense of the ship. After the arrival of the marines and the assistance of the Delta Flyer's crew high in the sky the Marauder's surviving crew was able to move out and plant the explosive device deep in an access tunnel in the mountainside leading to the heart of X's installation. Once everyone was aboard the runabouts and a safe distance from the surface, Chief Lira remotely detonated the device, leaving the installation a charred husk.

No marine casualties were recorded.