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Lycotians and Terekans Communique index Avalon 921


After the retirement of Vice-Admrial Don Leadon the USS Bonaventure was send to Avalon ships yards for upgrades and a new senior staff with the exception of Lt. (j.g.) Summers.
Captain Matt Hurley took command of the ship and other senior staff include: XO Tomans Ransom, Science officer Xavier Rollins, Helmsman Darius Creed, Chief Medical Officer Moriah Faith, and Counselour Shaquik. The ship soon received orders from Commadore Ariel Benson of Avalon Fleet Yards to investigate the distress call of a runabout near Lycotian and Terekan space. Upon reaching the last know location of the runabout the Bonaventure picked up debris but not of the runabout but those of Lycotain and Terekan ships. The Bonaventure continued to investigate till she came across a Lycotian battle cruiser. The commanding officer insisted that the runabout had been attack by the Terekans and stolen and taken to their homeworld. Apparently the two species had been at war with each other for nearly a 100 years and the Lycotains ,using technology stolen from the Pakleds, were now in a postition to strike at the Terekan homeworld. The Bonaventure followed the ship posing as allies. The Bonaventure arrived at the homeworld to see a devestated planet ,ruined by years of war. The Bonaventure sat back and watched as the last of the Terekan forces engaged in a nearly flawless battle. The Bonaventure was able to locate the runabout. Commander Ransom and a security beamed down and made contact with the Terekans. They were able to show sufficent evidence that the Lycotains were the aggresors in the war and that with the new stolen advances that they the Lycotians were using against them they could no longer defend themselves. The pilot of the runabout testifed that the Lycotians had attacked first and that the Terekans had rescued him and were studing the runabout to even the odds against thier enemies. Commander Ransom relayed this information to Captain Hurley and the Bonaventure made some "mistakes" that costed the Lycotians the battle. Commander Ransom and the rest of the away team beamed back to the ship reporting that the runabout was destroyed.


I have just recieved orders to take command of the USS Bonaventure. I have already sent in my request form for the senior staff and I know in my heart that they will be the very best crew for one of the most powerful ships in the fleet. I look foward to many successful and useful missions with her.

Captain Matt Hurley