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The Start of the Beginning Communique index 8


Upon return to Avalon Fleet Yards, the USS Bonaventure received orders to return to Sol to join the USS Hornet in a mission and eventually go to the other side of Federation space. Under way to Sol, the Bonaventure changed course to the colony of New Africa to assist in the repears of their enviremental systems. When the Bonaventure arrived, the planet was covered by huge storms. The crew beamed over to a reception hosted by New Africa's governer and found out about a strange illness that the colony's population was infected with. The Bonaventure's senior staff brought the disease back to the ship because the biofilters in the transporterroom couldn't filter the disease out. The only recent visitors to the system had been a couple of Ferengi and so they became suspects. Lieutenant Commander Rollins was abducted by one of the Ferengi's co-conspirators and the Bonaventure couldn't help him because of the storms interference with their transporter. Commander Ransom, Ensign Shaquik and Ensign Summers took a small, but tough marine ship/shuttle to go after the Ferengi. After an excellent tactical maneuver, credit to Ensign Shaquik, the team managed to take control of the Ferengi ship and it's crew. Daimon Keng confessed having delivered governer Hall with a virus. It turned out Hall was behind everything to gain control of some valuable ores that were on the planet. Rollins was rescued and Hall and his co-conspirators were arrested. Starfleet ordered the release of the Ferengi captain and his crew. After completing repairs on the enviremental control systems, the Bonaventure continued on it's course for Sol were Ensign Summers and Ensign Creed left the crew.


Our mission turned out well, the crew really worked well together. The crew doesn't seem to judge me for my fathers actions. I'm glad that I seemed to have left behind that part of my life. I'm looking forward to further missions with this crew on this ship.

Commander Thomas Ransom