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Old Friends with New Tricks Communique index 71

After failing to reach the warp bubble that send the Hornet home in time, the Bonaventure had a long way to go to reach the borders of the Federation again. Luckily, they weren't thrown that deep into the Delta Quadrant and it would only be a matter of weeks before we would reach home again.
Underway back, the Bonaventure entered a sector of space claimed by the Omega Faction, a group of people specialized in genetics that had colonized a M-Class planet nearby. The Omega Faction offered us some supplies and we are now in orbit of their planet were they are assisting in our repairs.

Captains Log:

After our encounter with the shape-shifting aliens the Bonaventure once again set a course for home. However due the the extensive damage we received progress was slow.

An unidentified ship approached the ship claiming to be apart of the Omega Faction; a group of genetic scientist based on Mars that experiment in creating the perfect being till the Federation expelled them from Federation space. The commander of the ship requested that he met Commander Sako. Commander Sako then revieled that she was a child of the Omega Faction. The commander invited the Bonaventure and Commander Sako to their homeworld for repairs and a tour.

While Commander Sako was on the planet she was captured and contact with her was lost. Soon afterwards several of the Omegas ships set an attack course with the Bonaventure. I immediately ordered a security detail, lead by Ensign Ripley, to beam down before the ships arrived and try to find Commander Sako. Lt. Commander Rystal also joined the team. After the away team beamed down we received a hail from the planet. It was from Tim Sykes, a wanted criminal and an old friend. The whole Omega Faction had be a guise in order to capture Commander Sako and the Bonaventure. Sykes men had assistent in the repairs and I knew that they had plenty of opprotunities to sabotage the ship. So I ordered the Bonaventure to hide in a nearby nebula, leaving the away team by themselves. Commander Ransom objected to this course of action.

After two days we finished repairing and elminating all the sabotage devices, we left the nebula with a plan to directly assault the base to surprise Sykes. Using the newest ablative armour the Bonaventure blew past the intial defenses with the marines providing cover.

Commander Sako, Lt. Commander Rystal, and Ensign Ripley by this time had already escaped from their cell and found a phaser cannon on the planet.

Sykes relizing what was going on activated the bases planetary shields. Lt. Commander Rollins revearsed the shield pularity while Ensign Brynner scrapped shield to shield with the base causing both shields to drop. Myself and a marine detail lead by 2nd Lt. Chapel beamed down to the planet to find the missing crew and hunt down Sykes.

The choas caused by our invasion allowed Commander Sako and her team to pentrate the phaser cannons defenses. Rystal then set the cannon to over load.

Sykes set up it so that I would find him in his labatory, which later turn out to be a holodeck. There he showed me Jem Hadar babies that also incorperated the DNA of races all over the galaxy. These babies would grow up to be complelty loyal to Sykes and his causes instead of being dependant on Ketricel White. Sykes aske me to join him and his cause. Instead I stunned him and we left the planet with him as our prisoner. He has been in our brig till we can transfer him to a prison base.

As a summary we lost 4 crewmens lives during the mission and recieved damaged to the ship. Even though the children I saw in that lab where only holograms I know that Sykes wouldn't have shown me them if he didn't have the ability to follow through and make them. My recommendation is to treat Sykes as a highly dangerous terrorist.

End Log:

Captain Matt Hurley
Commanding Officer>
USS Bonaventure/Cochrane Task Group, Task Force 93