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Risa Bound Communique index 133


After finally reaching the outskirts of Federation territory and reastablishing contact with Starfleet Command, the Bonaventure was send to Risa to attend a conference on the holoquarters project were Captain Hurley and several other members of the senior staff would talk about the experiment that was held on the Bonaventure.
Things got a little bit more intresting when Admiral Satie and Admiral Harlows decided to hold a little competition between 'their' CO's. We were assigned to a Constitution class ship, the USS Yorktown.


The contest will take 5 days.
The first day the crews will board the ships. Repair the warp drive and try and make it to the first checkpoint.
The second day will detail an away mission with mission objectives that will be explained later.
The third day will be a surprise rescue attempt.
The fourth day will be a combat simulation.
The fifth day will be a surprise.

All tactical ablities will be simulated and at any time these crews can use any of these means to sabotage the other ship. The crews will wear these arm bands. If the green light on the band turns red it means your death has been simulated and you can no longer contribute to your ships success. Also if any crew does not make it to any of the checkpoints in the alotted time they loose and the other crew wins the simulation. Captain Hurley and the crew of the Bonaventure will represent my team and Captain Singleton will be representing Admiral Harlow's.


FIRST DAY: The Yorktown started the race well, but so did the Bismark. When we came within close reach of the finish, Captain Singleton send a team off saboteurs to our ship. The saboteurs succeeded in damaging our Warp drive and we were dead in the water. Captain Singleton crossed the finish line leaving us behind.
SECOND DAY: When we arrived at our destination, we received a distress call from a group of scientists. They were attacked by a group of terrorists. The Yorktown immidiatly proceeded to their planet. Just when we were about to begin our second days objective we received a distress call from a Bajoran freighter. It had been attacked by a group of Orion Pirates. The Yorktown aborted their mission and warped to the freighter. When we arrived most of the crew had already been killed or abducted. We were only able to beam back two of the survivors. One, a child, died in sickbay. The other, Chief Lira Faith, decided to join our crew.
Underway back to Risa the Orion Pirates reappeared and attacked us again, effectivly disabling the Yorktown. The USS Crazy Horse responded to our distress call and was able to chase the Orion Pirates away. The Yorktown was towed back to Risa's ship dock.


Captain Hurley was promoted to Commodore.
Our Chief Medical Officer, Lieutenant Moriah Faith was promoted to Lieutenant Commander.