Shadows of the past Communique index 250

Two weeks after our return to Risa, the Bonaventure resonded to a distress call coming from near the Gorn border. Upon arrival we were ambushed by a Carrier Class starship. The ship was boarded by cyborgs that tapped into our systems. Our attempts to regain control of the situation failed and we are now left at the mercy of the mysterious 'X'. Atleast for now....


X opened communications to us and invited the senior staff to have dinner with him onboard his ship. The captain had been injured in the intial attack and we decided to let X think that he had been killed by a console discharge. Commander Ransom pretended to be Captain and boarded the Crusade with the senior staff. It turned out the Crusade had been lost during the Dominion War, but Starfleet was to busy fighting of the Dominion to properly investigate the disapearence of the Crusade. X somehow managed to find it and take command of it. He also revealed to us that he only recently came out of cryo freezing where he had been since the beginning of the 21st century.
X took the senior staff hostage and left the Bonaventure for dead. Fortunately he wasn't the only one playing mind games. The Bonaventure was in far better shape then X thought. But still no match for a Carrier class ship. Commodore Hurley ordered 1st Lieutenant Chapel to take the Bonaventure back to the nearest Federation base and call for assistance. The Commodore followed the Crusade on the Marauder.

The senior staff was able to escape imprisonment and disable X. The Gorn fleet ran into us before we could do much else. We all fled on the Marauder after selfdestructing the Crusade near the old research station hopefully destroying every teraquad of information on X's biological weapons. X managed to escape in the confusion and we have lost every trace of him.
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