Rising Tensions Communique index Mannheim 807 / 350

The Bonaventure arrived at Manheim station and I was greeted by an old friend Jay Engima. At the station Commander Ransom is promoted to Captain and given command of the USS Potempkin and Commander Sako is moved to first officer. I will miss Tomas as an officer but confident Sako will fill in. The station was attacked by the Gorn. The Bonaventure was in no condition to fight at the time due to the damage we suffered in the incident with X so General Engima gave me and my crew command of the Premonition, a time ship. The defense of the station was a success.

On a personal note, Moriah and I decided that this was the perfect time to get married, with Captain Ransom and a number of the crew leaving. Jay did the ceremony. After receiving a promotion to Rear Admiral and first officer of Task force 93, I've been order to conduct a training mission of task force operations.

Rear Admiral Matt Hurley
Commanding Officer
USS Bonaventure
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