Enemy from Within Communique index 427

A distress call was received by starfleet command from the Cardassian Galor Telmok. The Telmok was commanded by an old friend Gul Darnok, whom I served with for several years on the USS Farragut during the Dominion wars. The distress call stated that the crew had mutined. The Bonaventure was sent to investigate. Upon finding the Telmok, the Bonaventure ran scans. The ship was disabled, and the crew had somehow set up a dampening field so that no life signs could be detected. I ordered a marine detactment and a command away team to beam over. As soon as they did a transporter interfrance device was activated. The away team managed to find out that the crew was being affected by an engineered diessese, designed to make Cardassians more rebelious. Once the away team regained control of the ship Dr. Hurley was able to find a cure.

Rear Admiral Matt Hurley
USS Bonaventure
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