Lost and Found Communique index 500

Lt. Commander Brynner received some news from a Frengi trader about an old friend's whereabouts. He took leave to investigate her possible locations. When the time came for Brynner to meet up with the Bonaventure, he went missing. The Bonaventure sent out to find him. In the process followed the trail to a nearby Nebula. In the Nebula the Bonaventure was forced into a strange vortex. In this vortex they find Commander Brynner and many other ships, some deserted and some still active, all scavaging for parts. The Bonaventure soon become a target during a battle with an unknown race an older version of the Bonaventure intercepts. The older version of the Bonaventure is commanded by Commander Ripley and he claims that the Bonaventure has been trapped in the vortex, which serves as a timetraveling prison, since the day that they arrived over 30 year ago. The two crews share resources to try and figure a way out of the vortex. However, upon the arrival of an advance Federation starship, the USS Goliath commanded by Vice Admiral Hurley, Commander Ripley's story becomes full of holes. Commander Ripley sets the future Bonaventure to destroy the Goliath but in a situation of trust Vice Admiral Hurley refuses to fight his old friend who is suffering from a disease that causes hallucinations. He drops his shields and Ripley relizes he can't kill his friend and surrenders. The crew of the Bonaventure is confused by all the events but Vice Admiral Hurley has few answers. He helps the Bonaventure return to its time and location. Commander Brynner never finds his friend.

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