Lowest of Lows Communique index 605

After so R&R the Bonaventure had been ordered to the Romulan border where Breen attacks had spilled over into Federation territory. The Bonaventure responded to a Starfleet distress call. We knew it maybe a trap so I ordered the marine fighters and the Maurder to hang back while we investigated, so that if the Breen did attack we'd have a strategic surprise. The plan did not work well. The Breen DID attack but where able to detect and capture the marines before they attacked the Bonaventure. Depending on the support of the marine fighters the Bonaventure was disabled and captured. During the attack I recieved a head wound and was unable to command the ship. Also Commander Wells was cut off from communication to the bridge. Lt. Commander Paris took command of the ship. She was unable to intiate the self destruct sequence due to damage, so she placed a computer lock down and surrendered the ship and crew. The crew of the marine detechment, lead by 1st Lt. Vasterok and Chief Lira, were able to escape the Breen prison ship with the help of a Starfleet intelligence officer Ensign Mirner. They took the Maurder and were stuck behind Breen lines for over 6 months. The crew of the Bonaventure was taken to a Breen prison facility where they were held for that time with a crew of Romulan and Cardassian ships. The Breen prison CO was able to gain control of the prison by putting race against race. Once the commanding officers of the three races relized that the only way to escape was working with one another, they were able to come up with a plan. Using the Breen's plan against them the groups staged an all out war with one another. During this time, Commander Wells was able to gain access to the outside. Because Commander Wells is Efosian he was able to withstand the cold temperatures of the Breen long enough to beam the crew onto the Bonaventure, which was in dock for scientific study. Once onboard the ship we weren't able to regain control of hte computer due to the hasty lock out procedures and the Breen tampering. Fortunately Chief Lira had managed to locate the Bonaventure and using the Mauraders computer we were able to control navigation and warp systems. All the survivors of the three crews made it back to Federation space. The Bonaventure was taken back to Earth where the crew was honored as heros.

Rear Admiral Matt Hurley
USS Bonaventure
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