Shadows Never Die: The return of X Communique index 686

After 3 months of R&R at Earth and crew of the Bonaventure was recalled to service. The threat of X had returned. X had gained control of unknown alien technology, stolen Federation material on cloning Jem Hadar, and destroyed the research facility. However he was still up to his old games and left us a trail to follow. The Bonaventure pursued. It was obvious that X wanted us to choice between catching him or finding his base where he was cloning Jem Hadar. I decided to send the marines to find his base and destroy it, while the Bonaventure found him and captured X. The marine detechment lead by 1st Lt. Vasterok was succesful in their mission. They found and destroyed the base. The Bonaventure with the help of the USS Trident was able to engage and barely disable X's ship. X was taken into custody and the Trident lost in the battle.

On a personal note. I am torn by the current situation with X or should I say Jack Faulkner? After capturing X, his demonor has begun to change. He claims he is no longer X but Jack Faulkner. I'm inclined not to believe him, however given this mans strange past I believe a close study should be done before turning him over for trial. I have ordered Dr. Hurley and Lt. Haopian to keep Faulkner aboard for study postponing his trial.

Rear Admiral Matt Hurley
Commanding Officer
USS Bonaventure
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