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Our policy on missions is that anyone can start one (just try and clear it with Rear Admiral Hurley first) and everyone can add something to it.

Don't be shy to write a post that will dramatically change the plot, however be careful to not have your character be a superhero. For example it is okay to write a post of you making a great scientific discovery but it wouldn't be ok to write a post of yourself taking the helm of the ship and fly her out of danger. It would be ok though if you write a post describing someone else doing that though.

If you don't post at least once in three weeks you are off the ship and if you want to be promoted you should post around once or twice a week.

One more ship rule is that if the occasion arises that someones post offends another or didn't play into that characters role and they wish it to be cut they should first inform me of the matter as quick as possible and at the same time ask the person that wrote the post to withdraw it. If that person doesn't comply within a day and I feel that the post should be cut then I will cut it from the plot.

Those are a couple of ship rules just to let you know.