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Beowulf Class Interceptor
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The Beowulf Class Interceptor is unique to Bravo Fleet. The craft is based on the Defiant class Starship, but is 1/4 of size. She has standard four type-U phasers emitters, two type-IX Phaser arrays, and 2 forward mounted micro quantum torpedo launchers. The interceptor also as double-layered shielding and ablative armor matrix added to her hull, as well as a small Klingon cloaking device. She has a top speed of warp 7.35. She is manned by a crew of 12 and has two decks. For her size, she's quite a force to be reckoned with!

 USS Peresus attacking a Klingon battlecruiser under Dominion control    USS Peresus attacking a Klingon battlecruiser under Dominion control

During the Dominion attack on Starbase 175, at which the USS Challenger took part, the Beowulf saw her first action. Commanded by Lieutenant Commander Johnson, the Beowulf attacked a Jem'Hadar fighter. The larger Dominion ship did all she could to destroy the craft, the Beowulf was far too maneuverable. She evaded nearly all the Jem'Hadar's fire while delivering several hits of her own. The Fighter was soon destroyed and the Beowulf was ordered by Challenger Commanding Officer, Captain Remy LeBeau, to assist the ship's fighters in their attack on another Dominion ship. Another notable Beowulf is the USS Peresus attached to the USS Pegasus. During the war, FAdm. Bremer commanded the Peresus and a small away team. The ship slipped deep inside Dominion space to the A'wal Prison Camp and rescued 20 Federation Personnel. While on it's return to the Pegasus, the Peresus attacked and destroyed a Klingon Battlecruiser that had be captured by the Dominion.

Beowulf             Beowulf

2372: Engineers at Avalon shipyards decide to improve the existing Repulse Class Combat Runabout. The intent is for a small craft capable of berthing on lager Starships and Starbases. Several designs are considered, however a scaled down version of the Defiant Class is approved. To speed the project along, Repulse Class computers, weapons, shields, and engines are used for the prototype.

    March: Basic chassis construction is completed. Computer systems begin fitting.
    May: Ablative armor arrives from the Arteries Ship Yard.
    July: Weapons and shield systems installed.
    August: Refitted Defiant Class bridge module is attached. Refit to the module includes removal of tactical II and science stations. Small crew area installed.
    October: Warpcores finally arrive, 2 months late. Preliminary testing of all systems complete.
    November: Ship completes its first warp jump. Testing of basic systems continues. Three more of the class are begun.
    December: Testing complete. Ship receives warp stress coating and markings.

    January: The Beowulf is commissioned at Avalon Fleet Yards. The craft is assigned to the USS Challenger in Bravo Fleet.

 Beowulf            Beowulf

cruising speed: Warp 4.7
maximum speed: Warp 7.35

maximum: 23

    4 forward Type U+
    2 Type-IX phaser arrays
micro quantum torpedoes:
    launchers: 3 ( 2 forward, 1 aft )
    casings: 56
    Klingon cloaking device: hull conformal
    duranium with added ablative armor matrix.

height: 13.8 meters
width: 28.6 meters
length: 38 meters
decks: 2

Other Equipment:
    transporters: one 8 personnel/cargo