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Blackhawk Class Runabout

The Blackhawk Class Runabout is unique to Bravo Fleet. The craft is an off-shoot of the Danube class runabout, but designed for marine use. She has standard type-X phasers emitters and 2 micro-quantom torpedo launchers The Runabout also as double-layered shielding and ablative armor added to her hull. She has a top speed of warp 8.4. She is manned by a crew of 2 and has one deck. She can carry up to 15 Marines with Combat gear.


The Blackhawk saw it's first acting against the Dominion. The USS Bismarck was order to rescue Admiral Bafka from the hands of the Jem'Hadar. The Blackhawk carried a special ops team into the danger zone. The Blackhawk was attacked by three Jem'Hadar fighters, but mission commander, Lieutenant Commander Stikes, and his team managed to evade them and return to the Bismarck.

2373: Bravo Fleet Marine Commander, BGen. Scott sends down specs for a new Marine Runabout. Engineers at Avalon Shipyards deside to inprove the existing Danube Class Runabout. The intent is for a small craft capable of carrying at least fifteen Marines into hazardous areas, protect them, and get them to safety. To speed the project along, Danube Class computers, and Repluse clas weapons, shields, and engins are used for the prototype.

    February: Basic chassis construction is completed. Computer systems begin fitting. New low power fight system is designed for the ship.
    March: Ablative Armor arrives from the Antaries Ship Yard. Weapons and shield systems installed.
    June: Computer becomes self aware. Command area installed. Cargo/Marine transport area installed. Warp Cores arrives, Preliminary testing of all systems complete.
    November: Ship completes its first warp jump. Testing of basic systems continues. Ten more of the class are began.
    December: Testing complete. Ship receives Warp stress coating and markings. The Blackhawk is commissioned at Avalon Fleet Yards. The craft is assigned to Bravo Fleet.

Technical Specifications:

classification: Runabout
design: Blackhawk Class
decks: One deck

Duranium with added Ablative Armor Matrox.
length: 25 meters
height: 12.3 meters
width: 17.2 meters

Warp Systems:
power: Matter/Antimatter Reactor (dilithium mediated)
nacelles: 2
cruising warp: Warp 4.3
maximum warp: Warp 8.4

Impulse Systems:
power: Fusion
engines: 2

Low Power Flight Mode:
VTL System

Tactical Systems:
micro Quantom Torpedos: Type: Mk II Quantum, variable yeild
location: forward (2) aft (1)
casings: 26
main phasers: 2 Type-X phaser arrays.
shields: Grid-progected (TDS)/Distance-projected, double-layered

Crew and Auxiliary Systems:
crew: 2 (maximum 17 with Marines aboard)
transporters: 16 personnel/cargo