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Bravo Fleet's Orion Class
Orion Class Scoutship

The Orion class Scout ship was began in 2369. While Starfleet had classes like the Saber and soon to be commissioned Intrepid classes for scouting, Command felt that a small ship, piloted by 1 or 2 Officers was needed. The ship, based in part on information gathered by the Defiant team, is exactly the same size as a Danube Class Runabout, but better armed and shielded, faster, and has a more advanced sensor suite. The Orion Class scout can be flown by just one person, this way as few lives as possible placed in a hazardous situation.

2369: Starfleet issues a brief for a fast, well armed, scout ship that's capable of being flown by one of two officers. Design plans commence at the ASDB.

2370: Two Design plans are submitted to the ASDB, the Orion project is approved. Primary design work begins with the primary hull. By late in the year design work is still continuing on engines. Design team integrates the impulse engines from the Defiant project.

March: Basic chassis is manufactured and central computer core is Gamma Welded into place. Designs for the warpcore are send to the Propulsion dynamics lab for theoretical testing.
    July: Ablative Armor arrives from the Antaries Ship Yard. Outer hull is nearing completion. Designs for the warpcore are approved and production begins at the labs on Jupiter.
    October: Warpcore arrives and is Gamma welded into place. Outer hull fully sealed and internal fitting begins. Warp coils arrive and are welded into place. A modified Sub computer core from the Defiant Class project found to suitable for use as a main computer. Unit is installed and technical modifications begin

    February: Single pilot cockpit module is attached. Computer becomes self aware.
    April: Preliminary testing of all systems complete.
    August: Ship completes its first warp jump. Testing of basic systems continues.

2373: USS Orion is commissioned at Utopia Planitia, the ship shortly after being immediately assigned to the USS Pegasus-A.

Technical Specifications:

Classification: Runabout
Design: Danube Class
Decks: One deck

Duranium with added Ablative Armor Matrox.
length: 24.3 meters
height: 6.7 meters
width: 16 meters

Warp Systems:
power: Matter/Antimatter Reactor (dilithium mediated)
nacelles: 2
cruising speed: Warp 4
maximum speed: Warp 6.4

Impulse Systems:
power: Fusion
engines: 2

Tactical Systems:
Phasers: 2 Type-IX phaser ( located on warp nacelle housings )
Torpedos: 2 micro-torpedo launchers ( 1 forward under nose, 1 aft between impulse engines )
Klingon Cloaking Device: Hull Conformal

Crew and Auxiliary Systems:
crew: 2 (maximum 8)
transporters: 14 personnel/cargo