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Repulse Class Runabout

Based on the awesome Intrepid Class Starship, the Repulse Class combat runabout is an awesome addition to any Starship. The Repulse Class is 50% larger then the Danube Class Runabout. They can achieve a maximum speed of warp 8.1 for 2.5 hours. They are armed with 5 type-X phaser arrays and 4 Micro quantum torpedo launchers. They also have regenerative shielding!

USS Repluse, at warp

    January: Starfleet issues a brief for an improved Runabout. General brief is as follows. A larger version of the Danbue Class Runabout capable of holding 25 crew in emergency situations. Capable of a maximum of warp 8 and fitted with heavier arms and shields. To be able to transport people into and out of hazardous areas.
    March: ASDB release a general idea to Starfleet initially coded the Repulse Class. Project is approved.
    October: Design work completed and prototype begins construction

May: Basic space frame is laid out according to the design. Scaled down Intrepid class design used, with few modifications. Computer core from a Danube Class installed. Improved warp engine is also developed from the Danube Class engine.
    July: Warp engine is fitted, computer core is deemed operational and basic testing on the ship begins.
    December: Ship passes all regulatory control and proceeds with testing.

    April: Ship is proved to be operational and Starfleet examines the performance. USS Repulse is commissioned and Starfleet places an order for 165 ships to be distributed within the Federation.

USS Saturn, in action

Technical Specifications

Classification: Runabout
Design: Repulse Class
Decks: One deck

Duranium with added Ablative Armor Matrox.
Length: 42.1 meters
Height: 7.9 meters
Width: 22.2 meters

Warp Systems:
Power: Matter/Antimatter Reactor (dilithium mediated)
Nacelles: 2
Cuising: Warp 5
Maximum: Warp 8.1

Impulse Systems:
Power: Fusion
Engines: 2

Tactical Systems:
micro quantum torpedoes:
Type: Mk II Quantum
location: forward (2) aft (2)
casings: 24
main phasers: Type: (5) Type-X phaser arrays.
shields: Grid-projected (TDS)/Distance-projected, double-layered, regenerative

Crew and Auxiliary Systems:
crew: 2 (maximum 25)
transporters: 1x6 personnel/cargo