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Warhammer Class

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The Warhammer class was designed to work as a larger companion to Federation Fighters as well as a smaller escort for the Beowulf Interceptor. Well armed, maneuverable, fast. Designed to attack en-mass, larger ships and hit them from all angles. The ship can also be used to transport VIPs in possibly dangerous areas.

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Two Warhammer Class Interceptors
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The sensing equipment the interceptor uses has been equipped with is designed primarily for intelligence gathering, and offensive/defensive targeting systems. Visual data of impressive resolution is readily obtained from orbit, and the ship has been equipped with a stripped down and modified version of a Danube-class runaboutís sensor pallet to get more tactical data at the expense of scientific operations. The interceptor can emit a powerful jamming signal, although this cuts its own communications as well as that of other ships nearby. The micro-torpedoes can be directly linked to the runaboutís computer, and can usually hit a ground target from orbit to within ten feet, depending on atmospheric conditions.

Limitations: The ship is designed for brief deployments, and can only operate on its own for a few hours before having to return to base. It has a limited warp drive that makes interstellar flight difficult for extended periods of time. An extensive use of weapons and sensors can drain power from the inertial dampening systems, resulting in a bumpy ride on occasion. When destroyed, particularly while carrying

a full compliment of torpedoes, the resulting explosion can damage other vessels close-by. In comparison to the Danube-class runabout, it is more powerful and twice as heavily armed and shielded. This comes with the price of reduced range and scientific capability but this is a small price in view all gained.

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Three Warhammers, in formation

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January: CO and crew of the USS Tolkien submits a brief for a fourth class of fighter. General brief is as follows. Well armed space-superiority fighter also capable of entering a planets atmosphere and able to give fire support to troops on the ground. Must be a highly maneuverable craft, capable be handling a multitude of roles and attacking a variety of targets. Must be able to achieve a maximum of warp 6 for a short period of time and fitted with shields and weapons.

Febuary: ASDB approved the general idea. Design work begins at Avalon Fleet Yards.

April: Design work is completed and prototype begins construction. Basic space frame is laid out according to the design. Mini computer core installed. A "heavy" version of the Rogue class Micro Cochrane engine is used in the Class.

May: Warp engine is fitted, because of the increased size and mass, the fighter experiences a sharp drop in . Computer core is deemed operational and basic testing on the Fighter begins.

June: Ship passes all regulatory control and proceeds with testing.

July: Ship is proved to be operational and Starfleet examines the performance. The fighter is commissioned and Starfleet places an order for 290 Fighters to be distributed within the Federation.

Currently, there are 48 Warhammer Class Interceptors in Bravo Fleet with another 52 building.
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Two Warhammers engage Borg scout Dimonds

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Technical Specifications:

Classification: Light Interceptor
Design: Warhammer Class
Crew: 2: 1 Pilot, 1 Gunner  (Can carry up to 10)
Structure: Duranium with added Ablative Armour Matrix.
Length: 18 meters
Height: 9 meters
Width: 14 meters

Warp Systems:
Power: Matter/Antimatter Reactor (dilithium mediated)
Nacelles: 2
Normal Cruising Warp: Warp 1
Maximum Cruising Warp: Warp 2
Emergency Speed: Warp 6 for 6 hours
Impulse Systems: Power: Fusion Engines: 2

Tactical Systems:

4 Type IV Phaser Arrays, 2 Type VI phaser emitters (mounted underside of fuselage), 1 Type U phaser turret

Photon/Quantum Micro-Torpedoes Type: Mk II
Location: Right and Left Lower Wing, one aft
Casings: 12 warheads

Shields: Grid-projected (TDS)/Distance-projected.
Transporters: 1x 2 people