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USS Bonaventure - NCC-2977-B
Links relating to the current mission

Welcome aboard the Federation Starship Bonaventure. This ship is the second starship of the Europa-Class Line. We can always use additions to our crew. Send your application via subspace communiqué to Rear Admiral Matthew Hurley if you are interested.

The Europa-Class Starship is one of the newer Explorer type starships, coupled with Starfleet's recent trend in dreadnaught thinking, has resulted in quite a unique starship. Designed by Fleet Admiral Murdock, and Lieutenant Commander Kilrathi Nevil, she features the four nacelle crosspiece layout.


June 28 2003 / 20:15 PDT

The rest of the site has been revised to use the new look and feel introduced with the marines section. Mission logs have been added to current, and the crew manifest has been updated to current.

Lt. Roger Ripley

January 02 2003 / 22:30 PST

The marines section has been completely redone, and NPC bios have been added to the manifest.

Lt. Roger Ripley

January 01 2003 / 11:30 PST

I've updated the crew manifest to reflect new additions/promotions.

Lt. Roger Ripley

August 15 2002 / 17:50 PDT

I've updated the crew manifest to reflect new additions to our crew.

Lt. Roger Ripley

June 21 2002 / 22:45 PDT

I've added Ensign Samsa to the roster and also updated it to reflect recent promotions. I'm sure that the rest of crew joins me in welcoming the newest member of our crew!

Lt. Roger Ripley

June 04 2002 / 21:00 PDT

I've added Dr. Hurley's as well as Lt. (j.g.) Ripley's NPC staff to the manifest.

Lt. (j.g.) Roger Ripley

May 05 2002 / 22:22 PDT

I've removed Ensign Soontag from the roster and added Commander Frank Wells, the Bonaventure's new XO.

Lt. (j.g.) Roger Ripley

May 02 2002 / 19:40 PDT

I've changed the look of the main page slightly; most noticable is the update to the Bonaventure's image.

Lt. (j.g.) Roger Ripley

May 02 2002 / 00:56 PDT

I've added a link to the Bravofleet database containing information about the Cardassian Keldon class of ship, as well as a link to the mission summary involving Daimon Keng. I've removed Commander Sako and Captain Chapel from the crew manifest. They will be missed by all who served with them. The positions of Lt. (j.g.) Brynner and 2nd Lt. Vasterok have also changed which is now reflected in the crew manifest.

Lt. (j.g.) Roger Ripley

January 11 2002 / 12:45 PST

I've removed the crew transferring to the USS Potempkin and updated the manifest to reflect the promotions of Commodore Hurley to Rear Admiral and of 1st Lt. Chapel to Captain.

Lt. (j.g.) Roger Ripley

December 05 2001 / 14:00 GMT

I fixed a mistake in Ensign Sonttags bio. You are now listed as Minaran in the bio itself too.
I removed the USS Patriot. Apparently she isn't at Mannheim station.

As the site is growing, I started needing some more space. I was forced to remove the Games section. This will allow me to expand for a little bit longer. The games section didn't have anything to do with the purpose of this site anyway.

Commander Thomas Ransom

November 27 2001 / 13:00 GMT

Just a small update.
I removed Rollins from the manifest and added the USS Premonition to our Links of the moment feature. Although it isn't a link, I thought everyone reassigned to her might want to know what she looks like.
We feel sad to see you go.

On a brighter note, three new crewmembers have joined us. Kailea Asan, our new Head Nurse. Tea Sonntag, our new Counselor and Janson Horn, our new Razor Flight Leader. Welcome onboard!

I'm under the impression something is wrong with the site. For some of you it doesn't refresh automaticly, showing you old data. If this is the case, just right click the refresh button in your browser. If that doesn't do it, right click on the main frame (the layout is devided in three different frames. The links on the left, the upper part and the one you are reading from now. This is the main window). Then click refresh from here.

Any problems, complaints or suggestions? Mail me:

Commander Thomas Ransom

November 26 2001 / 17:40 GMT

I decided to add this SITE UPDATES feature to the site so that you get a better idea of when we have updated on what we have updated.
I also decided to add a list of links of the moment. For example, we are now at Mannheim base. So I've posted an image of the station and ships currently there. Click them to go to their sites.
If we are dealing with some classes of ships in particular, like the Carrier Class from our last mission, there will be an image leading to the specs page at Avalons database.

Commander Thomas Ransom