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Welcome to the Bonaventure's Marine Database, where we have provided the most comprehensive list of materials and references pertaining to our operations here as possible.


While the marines here on the Bonaventure may serve alongside ship security in the defense of the ship, we are not relegated to this purely supporting role. We also participate in a variety of activities elsewhere aboard the Bonaventure as well as remote and often exotic locales as duty requires. Don't be surprised if you find a group of marines lounging about in the mess hall with the rest of the ship's crew, or participating in ship wide grav-ball tourney. Marines may have a reputation of being tough as nails and as straight as an arrow, but usually only during official exercises. Marines, believe it or not, do more than shoot a gun or stand at attention.

However, don't think that our ability to relax and pursue hobbies means we're any less of a threat to the enemy on the battlefield. Daily we train to perform our duty, and as such we are always ready and willing to face any enemy anywhere he decides to threaten the Federation. Whether that be on land, in space, or on our very decks...we will not fail. Semper Fi!